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When I started my site back in 1999, working online, let alone doing customer service from home was unheard of. Now there are many opportunities to land a customer service position. There are a lot of options too – part time or full time, some with full benefits. The pay varies anywhere from $8 an hour to $20 or more an hour. Check out the statistics on remote support jobs here, Remote Customer Service Jobs Are On the Rise.

Some companies supply equipment, some do not. Most offer paid training.

Because there is an abundance of these jobs, please let others know that are looking for home based work or truly need to work from home. Obviously you do need to have a quiet, dedicated space to perform your duties (meaning no crying babies, loud kids or barking dogs in the background).

Look for this section to grow quickly, as there are many companies out there and I am adding new ones weekly.

Customer Service Jobs


– Flexible, part-time work as a Telephone Data Collector. Not always hiring.


– They have 4,500 remote workers across 11 countries — a lot of openings for sales executives, but also customer support.


– Offers various work at home positions like, Help Desk Support, Cyber Security and more.

CSI Companies

– They offer various work at home positions: Customer support, medical coding, recruiting and more.


– Make outgoing calls. Flexible schedule. $15hr per talk time. Pays weekly.


– Flexible and part time work offered. No cold calling and a variety of clients.


– Seasonal tax prep support. Average pay is $18hr. There is a chance of going full time.

Kelly Services

– Offer a variety of temp jobs that are home based (Not just customer service). Can lead to full time.


– Customer Service reps to work phones, email and social media. Pay up to $40k per year. Full time.


– They seem to always be looking for city and hometown ambassadors. Though not actually customer service – it is a job that entails reaching out to people and businesses.


– Newer company, hires tech savvy support from around the world. No phones.

Amazon Flex Jobs

– Amazon hires customer support jobs throughout the year and allows those support folks to work at home. Pays well $18-$15 hr!


– Hires home based customer service reps. Used to hire in just Colorado – but now hire from other states too.

ABC Financial

– Customer support for gym and spa members. Full time work. Pay $10-$11 per hour plus benefits.


– Non-phone, email support for over 1.3 million subscribers that receive their monthly Glam Bag. (Not always hiring.)


– Mainly human resource employee support. They aren't always hiring, but very reputable company with great pay and benefits.


– Seasonal customer support that can lead to full time. Paid training. $9 hour.

Hilton Worldwide

– Customer Support and Reservation Sales positions. They offer training, nesting and benefits. Pay is $11-$14+.

Beep Directed

– Hires agents to make outbound voicemail messages.


– They offer both full time and part time customer service jobs that can be done from home.

American Express

– Well paying and great benefits. They seem to hire several times of year for a variety of customer service jobs.

Neiman Marcus

– They offer customer service work at home via phone or web chat.

Live Sales Staff

– Review of this customer service company that offers work at home jobs.


-Offers flexible customer service positions for many different companies like Fannie Mae, Time Warner, Dish Network and Citibank.


– Work at home customer service company. Easy application process.


– They offer customer support jobs. They use Zendesk to answer tickets. **Uber has chosen to send most of the customer support jobs outside of the US.


– Offers several types of at home customer service jobs. Including tech support. Seem to always be hiring. They have over 89,000 employees.

ContractWorld Jobs

– Hires customer service reps, which are independent contractors to work for clients like Pizza Hut, KFC and Trader Corporation.

Helios Media

– Hires work at home phone agents, seems to lean on the telemarketing side.


– Customer Service jobs for various companies like road assistance or credit card support.


– Customer support type work.

Pleio /Good Start Program

– Make reminder calls to those with health issues.


– Customer Service and Sales.

Support Space

– Customer support type jobs.

American Support

– Home based call center type jobs.

XACT Telesolutions

– American owned. Based in Maine. Hires home based workers to take inbound calls. No sales.

EBC Sales Pipeline

– Get paid for lead generation. Can work from home. Full Review.

Blue Zebra

– For those that don’t mind phone work – they pay well.

HSN [Home Shopping Network]

– Home Based Job – Work at home for one of the largest retailers in the country.

Working Solutions

– Customer service type work.


– Jobs for Work at Home Seekers? – Customer Service jobs.

– Recruiting home-based cruise sales and customer service specialists.

Direct Interactions

– Various customer service sales and support positions.


– Customer service jobs both full and part time.

Voter Research

– Busier during elections, this flexible job has you making calls for political surveys or giving reminders.

Take Food and Menu Orders

Pizza Hut

-Take orders for pizza hut from home.


-Take menu delivery orders for many types of restaurants.


– Food delivery. They need people to take orders.


-Customer Care Reps to take food orders. They hire through NexRep.


– Just acquired by Groupon, food delivery/order taking.

Five Star Express

– Rapidly growing franchise. Call in food orders for customers.

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Any great work at home website needs several ingredients – these include, current info and an abundance of info. Please feel free to post or comment below on the topic of customer service jobs. By helping each other we can help more and more people reach their goal of being able to work at home. Thanks so much.

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