About Money Making Mommy

YOU want to work at home…

…but you feel trapped in your brick-and-mortar job that strangles your time, energy, and budget with commuting, work clothes expenses, and maybe daycare expenses too. It’s exhausting and most days you feel defeated.

Or – you can’t bear to leave your children with someone else each day – so you choose to stay home — but your family budget is being really stretched and your stress level is maxing out.

I understand… That was me back in 2002

I was working in the field of my college degree. I thought I had the “appropriate” job for me and moving down my “appropriate” career path — but life happened. The company closed its doors.

I was out of work with a 2-year-old and a 7-year-old. My husband’s job was great – but not enough to make ends meet. This scary, uncertain time – was also pivotal for me… and a blessing.

What did I want to do? What should I do?

  • Should I just “get a job” to pay the bills?
  • Send my 2-year-old back to daycare where she caught every bug under the sun?
  • Send my 7-year-old back to the after-school program, so his days continued to be almost 12 hours long in someone else’s care?

NO – a resounding “no”. But what then?

I started researching for ways to work at home. Something of which I’d dabbled in – but now it was time to get serious. I wanted a career I loved. An income that afforded my family more. And a work/life balance that put my family squarely as my priority.

I knew it wasn’t going to happen magically.

Finding a job that suit me, fulfilled my income needs, my schedule demands/needs, and allowed me to work from my home was a tall order back in 2002.

But searching for work at home became a passion, a life-changing one. I’ve discovered so much more than just “a job”.

I’ve found I have more skills than I thought I had and that learning new things can be fun and rewarding. And most of all — I’ve found I like sharing and helping others find their work-at-home dream job.

And to not be dramatic…but a lot of time has gone by since 2002… it’s been over 20 years! And I still love sharing work-at-home information.

My life today

Life has changed for me in some ways. And in other ways… not so much.

I am and will always be a “mom” – even though my oldest is out the door and my youngest has one foot out the door.

My marriage of 30 years, sadly ended. But it has inspired me, even more, to continue sharing ways to make money from home. Two incomes are great! But seeing the single or divorced side of it all has been an eye-opener!

I believe in karma, in the universe knowing what is best, and believing in a force greater than oneself.

I wish the best for all of us, and I hope to be a positive influence in your journey.