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“A work-from-home resource that will blow your mind with how many amazing options and opportunities actually exist for legitimate home-based careers.”

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I realize that a “dream” work-from-home job is hard to come by. Heck… I still haven't found it yet either. (I'm having a lot of fun though trying new jobs and learning new skills!) But, there are lots of ways to work at home. And if you can, trying a few out and finding what you like, what you feel comfortable doing, and what works for your schedule, etc can be really helpful when trying to narrow down exactly what you'd LOVE doing.

So with such a variety of ways to work at home – I've tried to make it easier. I realize it can be confusing and overwhelming to find a path when it comes to wanting to telecommute or make some money from home. On this page, I have broken them down into an easy-to-navigate category system, so that you can get right to the types of jobs that interest you the most. As I find new and exciting ways to work at home, I'll add new categories. But I am always updating – because finding a career from home or telecommuting is constantly evolving and there always seem to be new ways to legitimately work right from your home or apartment. Enjoy!

Jobs With No Degree (and let you work from home!)

– A great list of ideas for earning from home that doesn't require having a college degree.

20 Work-From-Home Companies That Are Always Hiring

– Great for those needing a job right now! Apply to all of them that you're qualified for.

Benefits – Top 11 Work-From-Home Companies That Offer Benefits

– Having benefits is a perk most of us want with our job or career. Health insurance, 401k, paid vacations. These companies offer it.

Online Jobs for Teens

– How to make money online as a teen. Many ideas for teens of all ages.

Blogging Jobs

-Here you will find blogging jobs that pay you to write blog posts or maintain blog content. Topics vary.

Canadian Job Resources

-Many visitors to MoneyMakingMommy are from Canada, and though I am based in the USA – I try to provide those visitors with options too. Here you will find all the resources I have found to help Canadians find work from home.

Chat Jobs

-More and more businesses, including retail and utility companies are using live chat reps to help customers navigate their sites and ask questions.

Customer Service Jobs

-Customer Service Jobs are booming thanks to the internet. Many companies offer full-time jobs with flexible hours and benefits.

Courthouse Researcher

– Work a flexible schedule doing courthouse research assignments.

Data Entry or Clerical

– One of the most sought-after home-based jobs is data entry. Finding a legitimate data entry job can be tough. Here are the options.

20 Entry Level Work at Home Jobs

– For those that are looking to get their foot in the door or just starting out on their work at home career quest.

Finding Jobs on Craigslist That are Work at Home

– Tips for finding work at home and online jobs on Craigslist.

Moderator Jobs

-Forums and message boards are commonplace anymore and with growing member numbers, there are more posts to moderate.


-Many people are able to take their education, talents, skills and work experience and turn it into a full or part-time freelance career.

Get Paid to Review Calls

– There are a few companies that hire people to review and evaluate calls. Great listening and writing skills are typically needed.

Greeting Card Company Jobs

– List of companies that offer freelance or flexible work at home for artists, photographers, poets, writers, merchandisers and more.

International Resources

-Though I am based in the USA and my site is geared to residents in the United States, I do want to try and help those site visitors from other countries. Here are resources for those living outside the USA.

Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour (and You Can Work at Home!)

– List of jobs and companies that pay $20 or more an hour and let you work right from your own home. Some even offer benefits too.


-Jobs that fall under the medical field that include triage, transcription, coding, insurance and more.

Medical Billing & Coding From Home

-There is a huge request for info in this field. I continually try to add more and new information regarding medical billing.

Non Phone Work at Home Jobs

-Many people looking for work either don't have a landline (or just a cellphone), or they simply don't enjoy jobs that require talking on the phone.

No Phone Data Entry Jobs

– Data entry has always been a popular search on my site. So here's a non-phone data entry list for those interested.

Online Tutor and Education

-Retired teachers, unemployed educators and those with a passion for teaching others can find work as a tutor or in other fields of virtual education.

Proofreading and Editing

-Skilled proofreaders, editors and copywriters can find work in the virtual world as telecommuting is commonplace today for this type of work.

Search Engine Evaluation

-Major search engines now hire workers to use their own home computers to help them with ad quality, social media evaluation and more.

75+ Gig Economy Jobs to Make Money This Week

– On-demand economy gigs are hitting the workforce big time. Flexible schedules and a variety of types of jobs.

Social Media Jobs

-Social media rules in this day and age and companies and webmasters are needing someone to stay on top of all the tweeting, Facebooking, Instagram photos and more.

Telephone Interviewers

-Though phone jobs are not always popular when sales are involved, there are phone-based interview jobs that are enjoyable with no sales involved.

Online Test Scoring Jobs

– Work at home helping assessment companies with student test scoring. Cover papers, exams, essays and more. Typically seasonal. Most pay well.

Transcription Jobs

-Transcribers are needed in medical, legal and many other fields. A lot of work is now outsourced to qualified telecommuters.

Translation Jobs

-Knowing another language has never been more profitable. Many companies are hiring those that can speak in English as well as another language.

Travel Agent or Travel

-Most travel arrangements are done online these days. However, travel agents are still a popular go-to for many travelers and vacationers.

Virtual Assistant

– Great list of companies that hire virtual assistants of all levels, for different assignments.

Work From Home Companies Paying $10 or More an Hour

– If $10 is the least amount you can live on – then these jobs are worth looking into.


-Full time writing jobs can found and can be done from anywhere in the world if you have a laptop and an internet connection.

Ways for Teens to Make Money Online

– BIG list for teens wanting to make extra money online from home.

No Fee Work at Home Jobs

– This is a section of my site that used to be the main listing for jobs. I do update now and then. I wanted to make sure I keep it live in case it's helpful.

Weird and Unusual Ways to Make Money at Home

– Here are some uncommon… and maybe even weird ways to earn from home.

Direct Sales Companies

– Just a reminder for those really wanting to be their own boss, this directory will give you a lot to consider and explore.


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