150+ Ways to Make Extra Money That You Need to Consider

Making Extra Cash at Home

Your Guide to Making Extra Cash Right Now

I put this directory together to help you maneuver through the hundreds of options and opportunities out there right now on ways to make extra cash online and from home. I personally add a couple hundred to my monthly bottom line by doing many of these programs and probably save $20 or more on groceries, food and drugstore items. I realize that $20 doesn't rock your world, but there are times when it's honestly helpful and I am beyond appreciative for it.

Remember, there are a lot of ways to make extra cash from home. With all the ideas below – you'll have a lot of options to explore.

I've got everything broken down by categories as best I could. And I'll add more sections if need to in the future as I find different and new things we can do to earn.

The Big List of Earning Extra Cash

How I Make $325 or More a Month Doing Online Surveys

– I break it down for you. A consistent way to turn couch time, downtime, and right before bedtime into cash, month after month. Make cash consistently by doing surveys, just like me!


– Ideas for where to sell hand pics and styling ideas. Learn more about selling hand pics online.

12 Things to Sell to Make Quick Cash

– You might have some of this stuff sitting around your house right now! Check out this list of things to sell to make some quick cash.

Best Delivery App Jobs. How Much Money Can You Make?

– Delivery jobs have never been more abundant, but which ones pay the most? Find out who's hiring and what you'll be paid for doing one of these delivery app jobs.

Making Money Using Pinterest

– Pinterest lovers – turn your passion into a money-making hustle. Learn more about making money with Pinterest with this step-by-step guide.

Ways to Make Money from Home, Even in a Small or Rural Town

– Do you live in a small town or a rural area? Don't get discouraged about earning from home. This list of ideas for making money in a small town can help you brainstorm.

Get Paid to Receive Text Messages

This list contains 13 ways to get paid to receive (and send) text messages. Lots of details and ideas that you might now have realized were even out there. Learn more about how to get paid to receive text messages. 13 Ways to Earn Money by Receiving Text Messages

40 Legit Ways to Make Money from Home

– Just when you thought you'd heard about everything regarding earning extra cash from home, this list gives you 40 legit ways to consider generating some income.

Listen and Review Calls Work at Home

– Earn cash for listening to calls and reviewing them in order to put them in the correct category. Read more about how Humanatic works and how to get started.

Getting Paid to Answer Questions

– Use the knowledge or experience you have on particular topics and earn by sharing what you know. You can do this online from home (or anywhere really!). Learn more about answering questions for cash.

Earning Cash with Your Car

-Earn cash driving your car, renting your car or advertising with your car! You'll be surprised by all the ways your car can generate income for you.

Running Errands and Small Tasks

– Though not solely home-based, you can earn money running errands or doing small tasks for others that live near you. Create your own schedule. Here is a list of micro jobs and task jobs.

Paid Focus Groups

– List of companies that will pay you to participate. These can be in-person, online, or over the phone. Some companies, like Respondent, can pay $140 or more for participation. See this big list to view all the companies that pay for focus group participation.

Forum Posting Jobs That Pay

– Love it or hate it, there are many companies that hire regular people to post in a variety of forums. The pay is not substantial but can add up. I keep a running list of ways to get paid for posting in forums.

Get Paid to Read Books

– Not just read books — but review books, proofread books, edit… and more. Learn more about reading books for cash.

Gaming and Entertainment Ideas That Pay

– For those of us that are pro gamers on a sponsored team – there are options like moderating online bingo, gaming forums or even writing game reviews. Learn more about turning your love for gaming into a way to earn cash.

Mail Decoy Companies That Pay You

– Some companies hire mail decoys to make sure their mailers are reaching their target audience or arriving at all. Though the options are sparse, I do have a list of mail decoy companies to check out.

Mystery Shopping

– Mystery shopping is not only legitimate but there are hundreds of opportunities. You can do both in-person shops in your local area or there are apps that pay you to do short shops or tasks too. Either is very flexible.

Online Juror – Making Money Participating in Mock Trials

– Make money from home being part of an online “mock” jury. Jurors are always needed. Cases vary. Here are companies that need mock jurors.

Paid to Read, Surf, or Refer

– There are an incredible number of programs that will pay you for doing things online that you're already doing. Learn more about getting paid to read and surf the web.

Ways for Pet/Animal Lovers to Earn

– Great ideas for earning extra cash that will focus your time with four-legged friends. Pet sitting, dog walking and more. Find out how you can earn working with animals.

Product Testing

– Though you don't always make cash (seldom) – you can earn really nice, free products. List of websites and companies that offer product testing.

Renting Your Stuff

– Huge list of ideas for renting out your stuff. Everything from your car, house, or room to renting out YOURSELF! List of websites that offer rental options to make cash.

Review Music/Songs

– A fun way to grab a little cash, typically reviewing new artists. List of sites that pay members to listen to music.

Reward Points for Cash (or Gift Cards)

– Earn points, cash 'em in. It's easy and can really be worth the trouble. Here is a list of several sites that let you earn points for cash.

Sell Your Clothes Online

– There are so many sites and apps that allow you to sell your clothes, shoes, purses, and accessories online. Here is the list of places to sell items you no longer need or want.

75+ Side Jobs Online to Make Extra Money

– Spare time jobs, online side jobs – here's your list for making extra cash. Check out this list of over 75 side hustles for earning extra cash.

Smartphone Apps (That Pay or Help You Save)

– If you've got a smartphone, make it do more for you. Lots of apps that will save you money and make you money just for using them when shopping and other stuff. Be sure to look over this list of apps that make money.

Using Social Media to Earn Extra Cash

– Make money tapping into your social media connections. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. Here's a list of ways to make money using social media.

Website Testing for Cash

– Though rarely enough work to replace a full-time income, you can make decent cash reviewing websites for business owners. List of sites that pay you for website testing.

Photography (Images)

– Sell your photos/images for profit. There are apps and websites that will pay for photographs, images or pictures. Here's a list of the sites or apps that pay for images.

Wealthy Affiliate University Program (Creating Your Own Successful Website)

– No pie-in-the-sky stuff. Just a huge community of people helping other people build their own successful websites and showing them how to monetize them. Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate.

Sweepstakes and Contests

– Different sweepstakes and giveaways that you can enter. They change often – but always great prizes. List of cash-paying sweepstakes or contests.

5 Ways to Make Money at Home in the Winter

– Ideas for finding seasonal work during the winter months for extra income that let you work completely from home. Learn more about ways to make money at home in the winter.


– Lots of people are making money with Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Fiverr, and more. Is opening your own little online store an option for you? Sites that let you create your own online store.
** I've got another more in-depth list if you want to sell your stuff online as well. It's a pretty large list, broken down into sections.

Make Cash Selling Unused or Unwanted Gift Cards

– Have gift cards for retailers you'll never use? You can actually sell them for cash or trade them in. List of places to sell your gift cards for cash.

Unusual or Weird Ways to Make Money at Home

– Silly, strange… and unusual. This page is dedicated to things you've surely not thought of! Check out these crazy ways you can make money at home.

Start Your Own Home Business – TONS of Ideas

– Check out this list to start your own home business brainstorming! You'll find lots of home business ideas.

Make Money Fast – 5 Websites Where You Can Make $50 in 24 Hours

– A few ideas for earning cash quickly online. See for yourself how you can make $50 in 24 hours.

Make an Extra $1000 a Month – Idea List

– No special skills are required. This list will have you brainstorming for your extra cash goal.

Online Ideas for Making Money to Pay Off Holiday Debt

– Many of us rack up debt over the holidays. Here are awesome ideas for eliminating holiday debt that can follow us around for the entire upcoming year.

(How I Earn $350+ a Month!)

– Yep, there are a lot of bogus ones out there – but there are a lot of others that are the real deal. Read how I add extra cash to my bottom line each month.

10 Great Ways to MAKE Money for the Holiday Season

– Start making cash to stash away for the holidays and make that time of year much less stressful. Here is a list of ways to make extra cash around the holidays.

Use an App Like Trim – It Can Save You Money on AutoPilot

– Trim searches for ways that you can save and offers other services to help with debt reduction. Read this full Trim app review.


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