10 Websites That Pay You to Answer Questions

Make Money Answering Questions

Answer Questions Online and Make Easy Cash

True confession… when I was in elementary school, I was one of the nerdy students who loved to get the right answer on every question. If the teacher asked a question in fifth grade social studies, I would nearly pull a muscle trying to make my raised hand stretch higher than anyone else’s so I could be the one to present the right answer.

I still see this in myself as an adult. I THRIVE on being right… especially when I’m arguing with my husband, but that’s a whole other story! If you can relate to my love for coming up with the right answer, you are going to love this next work at home opportunity. I’ve been seeing lots of research lately about websites that actually pay you to answer short questions. I figured this was perfect for me and it might be great for some of you as well. So let’s get started… here are 10 websites that pay money for answers.

1. Experts123 – (http://experts123.com)

This website offers two ways to make money at home. First, you can make cash answering questions as an expert. You simply sign up and go into the Experts123 website community. There, you answer questions and generate money through a revenue share plan. You can also make money on this website by writing articles. Check it out!

2. IMShopping – (http://imshopping.com)


**Update: Seems the site is down – not sure if this is temporary.** Are you a shopaholic? If so, click right over and sign up to be shopping expert at IMShopping. People will ask questions related to shopping and wait on you to answer with your expert opinion as a shopping diva. Sounds pretty dreamy, right?

3. JustAnswer – (http://justanswer.com)

Unlike some of the other sites where your income is going to be slow, JustAnswer offers you a chance to make pretty great money once you prove that you have the knowledge and experience to be an expert. You will have to answer lots of questions to show that you have what it takes, but once you get there, it’s very lucrative. In the meantime, you still earn revenue shares on the answers you give which is a nice little income too.

4. LivePerson – (http://liveperson.com)

Do you want to share your expert opinion with people who truly need help? LivePerson matches your experience with the people who need it most. You answer customer service questions, offer technical support, or provide other services depending on which client you are matched with. If you love helping others or providing answers to tough situations, this one might be a lot of fun for you.

5. Chegg/Student of Fortune – (http://studentoffortune.com)

Are you a former whiz kid? Do you know how to navigate Google better than all of your friends? If so, Student of Fortune could be a great lucrative job for you. Basically, users ask questions on all kinds of topics and they offer a price for the answer. You can go through and select the questions to you want to answer. If you don’t know offhand, you can do some research and find the answer. Then write a tutorial to explain the answer and get paid for your work.

6. Weegy – (http://weegy.com)

When you sign up to be an expert on Weegy, you will be paid to answer questions. For each question you answer, you receive 20 cents. Once you hit $20, you are paid via PayPal. Some people brag that they make a nice little income with Weegy, but others said questions were too scarce to be really worth it. Try it for yourself to see what you think.

The Sky is the Limit!

A big earner for me, as far as survey-type questions is Branded Surveys (formerly Mintvine). I've cashed out several times for over $50 — and sometimes close to $100 for a month. I love their daily question (which is an easy 5 points) — and their surveys are similar to most survey sites.

There is no limit to how much money you can make answer questions online. Channel that inner nerd who loved to get the questions right and start making money on the Internet today. With a little patience and some time, you can land that dream job and maybe even have a little fun doing it. Be sure to see the entire Making Extra Cash section here on the site. There are literally 100's of ways to make extra cash with your computer, laptop and even your smartphone.

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  2. There is one more website that pay for asking or answering genuine question. Its a general question- answer site that pays per performance. See for more details https://www.answeree.com/earn-money

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    It looks like it’s down for sure temporarily. I’m keeping an eye on it to see what happens.

  4. Is the IMSHOPPING.COM website still payingfor expert shoppers? I have been looking at the site, but can’t figure out how to become an “expert”.

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