Best Online Training or Courses for Landing a Work at Home Job?

Online Training

Online Training CAN Make the Difference

Not always. Of course, there are millionaires that never finished high school. Heck… there are YouTubers that are still IN high school making bank. (Oh, if only I’d been born in the late 90’s and not the late 60’s.) But when you’re really wanting a career, something you can do at home — and creating your own blog or YouTube channel isn’t the route you want to take — then what?

Well — consider your current skills and experience. What’s your strong suit? What would shine on a resume? If you’re still kinda struggling, don’t worry. I do this too. Even with a 4-year degree, experience… a blog…I still dream of something more. I still dream of writing that amazing book series that rivals Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. (Seriously!) There are many times when I have a moment of peace that I sit with my laptop in a comfy chair, fingers poised to type… and … wait for it… WAIT for IT…. (sigh)… nothing.

This is where I need help. A class in writing or screenplay structure would come in handy. And I’ve been doing some research on classes. It’s true, I do have this degree. And yes… it’s in Radio-TV-Film, but yeah – my career veered into radio at break-neck speed and I never really got a chance to discover my “writer” side. And then it was marriage, and a baby, and the radio career, and moving to another state, more radio career and another baby… then the birth of my blog and well — I was writing, just not that best-selling oh-so-awesome novel or screenplay. I never jetted off to California after college graduation and paid my dues as a gopher at a major studio… nope.

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But I don’t have regrets. Not at all. What I do have is an un-started book. And trust me — I wouldn’t change a best-selling book or career in Hollywood for my two great kids. Nor would I change that I started a blog. Lord, I learned so much with this blog. And I started it back in 1999 when every mommy and her sister didn’t have a “create a blog in 5 minutes” blog. Nope… I had to struggle to learn HTML and all kinds of crazy hoops. But boy, did it make me appreciate any success I’ve had.

So back to my novel… again — I need help. I need to understand character creation and screenplay structure. Or I want to. So I need a class. Sometimes it helps. Sometimes, some of us NEED some guidance.

That’s where this article is going (finally!).

Online Training, Classes and Courses to Consider

I get a lot of emails from people wanting to know what they can do from home with no experience, no training — sometimes a person hasn’t even graduated from high school or gotten a GED. Life happens. I’m not here to judge. I’m here to help.

So what can you do?

Well – the first thing I suggest is going after a customer service job. Many don’t ask for experience. If that absolutely doesn’t appeal to you — then I’m going to suggest a few options. Below are classes I have taken, want to take or recommend. As I discover and/or take more classes, I’ll add them below. But right now, this is a nice little bundle of fun, love and knowledge. There is nothing on this page that’s going to make you insta-rich — and I certainly don’t profess it will. BUT, not only are some of these courses changing the lives of many of my visitors — but some are created by women that have experienced extreme success and sharing it with all of us.

When I hear that someone is realistically making $3000-$4000 from home, my ears perk up. When I find out they are doing it on a flexible schedule and they love what they do… Well… I stop what I’m doing and devour their story word for word. The BEST part though is that they want us to be successful too. They want to share, show and help us do the same!!

So here are my recommendations — I absolutely believe they are equally worth sharing and have the power to be life-changing.

Online Classes for Proofreading


– If working at home in the proofreading world appeals to you, but you’re confused and really don’t know if you want to dive into it (or even how to dive into it!!) — please consider this free workshop/webinar. It’s taught by Caitlin Pyle (she also offers a full on proofreading course that you can read about below). She’s taught hundreds of people like you and me. However — she gets asked many, many times about proofreading work in general and what’s it like or is it hard to break into as a career. That’s why she’s offering this free workshop. To help you decide if this is really the path for you.



– I adore Caitlyn and admire her for all she has achieved and all the good she is doing helping others achieve their dreams of working at home. For some reason, Proofreading appeals to a lot of work at home jobseekers. I get it… it’s flexible, it’s cost-effective and it can be done from ANYWHERE. And hey… it pays well too.

Caitlyn Pyle knows this and she herself earns over $3,000 a month proofreading from anywhere in the world with her iPad. I had the awesome pleasure of interviewing her and you can read that here. Her program has become very popular and she’s always looking for ways to improve it and make it even better for those who are taking it. She’s hands-on and truly believes in her program. She’s got a lot of student success stories to back it up as well.

When I first looked into the program, I thought… Ugh – I can’t proofread, I have mistakes all over my site even though I try to be careful. But, honestly – after interviewing Caitlyn, looking over the course and the syllabus and reading reviews from others — this is do-able if you want it and you’re ambitious enough.

If you love the idea of being a proofreader and being able to choose your schedule and even work outside, at the beach… your kitchen table – wherever, then I urge you to check out her course. (I myself am saving up the cash to take this course ASAP!)



I know — you’re like, wait… what is scoping? It’s basically a proofreading gig. But it’s specifically proofreading/editing for court reporters. And we all know that court is always busy! Many are making a career, and a work at home career at that, by becoming scopists. If this sounds interesting to you, this free mini-course, created and taught by someone that has been doing this type of work since 1998 is worth a look! Linda Evenson offers this little gem totally free to give you enough insight to see if you’d want to consider this as your work at home career. I like that. No one wants to jump into something without knowing a little more. I encourage you to check out the free course and see if it’s right for you!

Intro to Scoping Free Mini Course

**Info on signing up for the actual Internet Scoping School (software training, marketing and more)

Online Transcription Classes and Courses


Janet Shaughnessy has over 30 years of experience as an at home transcriptionist. She shares her journey and expertise with her students that long to work at home doing transcription as well. Because transcription work is flexible, offers great pay and can be done at home (and is a non-phone job!) — it’s one of the most asked about and sought after home-based careers. Janet offers a FREE mini-course for those wanting to test the waters. If they want to move on from there – she offers a full course with LIFETIME SUPPORT AND UPDATES.

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– CareerStep is something I have considered for myself. Actually, very recently I spoke with someone at CareerStep about their Medical EHR program. Come to find out there were grants up for grabs here in NC to help with the cost too. I ended up not taking the course…again because I am here running the one-woman show. (Single parents… you have my ABSOLUTE admiration!) So it’s impossible for me to hunker down for full-on classes right now. I’m really moving in the direction of freelance writing too. But honestly, if this appeals to you – be sure to see if your state offers help with payments. I was going to get a $3695 course for $360 thanks to NC grant money.

CareerStep offers classes in so many different courses and certifications that can help you land an amazing work at home career. EVERY DAY it seems I am posting jobs for following – and these are WORK AT HOME JOBS:

Executive Assistant
Medical Coding and Billing
Medical Administrative Assistant with EHR
Medical Administrative Assistant
Medical Transcription Editor
Medical Transcription
Health Information Technology

I wouldn’t suggest CareerStep if it weren’t something I’d considered for myself. If you’re at all interested in this type of work, I’d get more info and ask about grants or scholarships.



Online Writing Courses for Writers



I’m actually taking this class right now. I know many successful bloggers and stay at home moms that have taken it and loved it. And because I’m finding myself currently unemployed with only my blogging income right now — well, I need to be bringing in more income and I need to do it quickly. If I pick up a customer service job or temp job in the meantime, great — because I’m used to holding down 3 and sometimes 4 jobs at once. But this is exactly why I’m taking this course as well.

I’d love to solely do freelance writing and build up a client base that provides a full-time income with a very flexible schedule. With my husband working in another state and only making it home one or two weekends a month, I’m basically a single parent — and flexibility is so key for me. As well… paying for a residence in Atlanta and one here in “price-y” Asheville, NC is creating mega budget stress. So yes, I signed up for the email self-guided course and I am working my way through it now and I couldn’t be more excited and hopeful. If you’re at all considering freelance writing too, and just don’t know where or how to begin — I’m going to say that this is a great starting point. Even a seasoned writer like me, at a crossroads in life, is finding the course more than helpful.

Gina Horkey herself went from $0 to $4000 a month as a freelance writer. So she isn’t coming at this pie-in-the-sky ideals. She was a financial advisor that decided to go after her dream to be a freelance writer and achieved it. So she speaks from experience.


***You can also check out Gina’s entire website with all the info on her courses (including her free courses) here.

Classes and Courses for Virtual Assistants


Featured in Huffington Post and Business Insider, this is another MEGA hit for Gina Horkey. Gina gives the facts… virtual assistants are in HUGE demand. Actually a 95% increase in demand. The average pay for a virtual assistant is hovering $35-$50 an HOUR. And there is not just the opportunity to be able to work at home, but to create your own schedule. So it’s flexible and creates a wonderful work/life balance.

If you’re thinking – I know nothing about being a virtual assistant. You’re the perfect person for Gina’s course. This is the person she wrote it for and she knows exactly what it’s like to be where you are. Gina herself is proof that she can help you. She built her own successful virtual assistant business in less than six months, earning over $4,000 a month.

Her course is a 30-day, self-paced email course — so you can take it as fast or slow as you like. The course is wildly popular and she continues to add to it and make it better and better all the time.

30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success

***You can also check out Gina’s entire website with all the info on her courses (including her free courses) here.


I can’t help but marvel at everything Gina Horkey puts out. Her freelance writing course (mentioned above) helped me earn $2000+ extra cash in 2016. I was so impressed — that it’s my hope to become a full-time writer by 2018 and be able to leave my full-time job. But now, she’s delivered on another course. And trust me… those of us out here in social media/blogging world KNOW that Pinterest is a phenomenon that is not going away anytime soon. Most companies want a Pinterest presence. And this is anywhere from small bloggers to mom/pop business to corporations. This is where being a Pinterest Virtual Assistant could become super lucrative. Or if not thinking about a career, maybe you’re a blogger wanting to grow your Pinterest followers. This course – simply delivers.

Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Course

Creative Ideas for Work from Home


Hey — now this one was new to me in 2016! I didn’t even know it was a thing. Certainly, not a thing for people like you and I that want to work from home. But yes, you can earn by creating puzzle books. These little books fall into a 20 million dollar a year niche. And Amy Harrop helps us learn how to create puzzle books with little to no writing so that we can try and snag a piece of that 20 million dollar pie!

Learn to Create and Publish Puzzle Books


You don’t have to write a best-selling novel in order to make money from your creative writing side. Nope – you might not need to do much writing at all. Discover how you can re-purpose content that’s already available for use and create in-demand products that you can sell over and over again. This easy to follow guide will help you get started with step-by-step instructions with screenshots and helpful ideas.

Content Profit Hacks (Create Content to Sell or Monetize)


My readers have asked me over and over again for more interesting and fun ways to make money from home. Well, here’s one you might not have thought of. AND — you’re not creating these decks from scratch. Think this is crazy? Think about the little, tiny card game Exploding Kittens. It’s made over 8 MILLION dollars! There’s a large audience for Tarot cards, educational cards… there are even card decks for daily affirmations. If you’re the creative type – this might just be the career path you’ve been dreaming of!

Card Deck Publishing Profits


With Pop Culture Publishing Profits… you’re going to discover the secret to ‘predicting’ the future, then how to create engaging content that will gain popularity and go viral! Let the fans do all the promoting and hard work for you! This 40+ page pdf guide can be instantly downloaded with purchase and you’ll have the information right in front of you to get started.

Pop Culture Publishing Profits

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