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Medical Coding and Billing Salary

Medical billing and coding have fast become a front runner in work at home careers that pay well and don't involve being on the phone doing customer support. Salaries for remote medical billing and coders can fall anywhere into the $30,000 to $78,000 a year range. It just depends on how much you work and who you work for. But medical billing and coding is something that has to be learned. It's not an innate skill. Some might be lucky enough to have worked in an office long enough to pick it up

Careerstep Offers Online Training Courses

If you're wanting to train online and in your own timeframe, Careerstep offers schooling for medical coding and billing. Their course is thorough and helps set a foundation for your success. Though their courses are not free, they do often offer a $300 eGift card based on payment in full, a $200 eGift card with 12 month financing, and $150 eGift card with 18-24 month financing.

At times, they have even offered a free laptop to those signing up for one of their courses for the first time.

CareerStep's Approach to Teaching Online

Careerstep offers more courses than just medical coding and billing, but will all of their programs they offer 12 months access to the course and self-guided study for a flexible learning experience that fits your life.

The medical coding and billing course involves 14 individual courses with 617 hours of online course work. Be ready to learn! You'll need self discipline to stay on track and finish the course within the 12 months. But, if life does get in the way (and we know it can sometimes!), you are able to purchase an extension to finish your training.

Will I Be Certified in Medical Coding & Billing?

Though you will not be certified when you finish your coursework, Careerstep wants to help you land your first medical coding and billing job! According to their website:

“Inspire confidence in employers and set yourself apart from other job seekers by earning industry certifications. (Generally, the more certifications you earn, the more income you can earn.) Our online medical coding courses include a free voucher to take the CPC, COC, CBCS, CCA, or CCS certification exams upon completion, up to a $399 value. We can help you decide which certification is best for you.”

Helping you pay for some certifications and giving your guidance is reassuring.

Is There Financial Aid for Careerstep's Courses

As I stated earlier, they do offer promotions that are basically cashback with their eGift cards or by way of assistance via a free laptop in order to do your online studies.

But I do want to mention MyCAA funding as well. For instance, in my state of North Carolina, that assistance would almost cover the entire course for me. Many states offer this type of career training assistance and Careerstep will guide you through the process if your state does. (The eGift cards promos typically don't apply to courses paid for with this type of assistance.)

Ready to Learn Medical Coding and Billing Online?

If you're ready to dive in… or even just get more info — be sure to check out Careerstep and everything they have to offer. It's MUCH more affordable than going to a 4-year college. And, you have the ability to take your course 100% from home and online.

And with this training — you could be on your way to a lucrative, 100% from home career!


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