How to Become a Virtual Assistant

Become a Virtual Assistant

How to Become a Virtual Assistant

Is Being a Virtual Assistant a Home Career for YOU?

I think being a virtual assistant would be a perfect work at home job.  You have one boss, you can do the work from your own home and most of the work is computer based.

Being a mom, and having kids underfoot shouldn't be a deterrent. Not if you're organized, have a little help with the kids – or at least have scheduled nap times, or play dates that you can trade off with other moms etc.

But how do you become a virtual assistant?

Are there just ads for jobs doing this type of work and you interview like any other job. Well – yes and no. If it were me going out and trying to find a virtual assistant job – I would first and foremost tell myself to be careful. There are all kinds of nutty breads out there just waiting to lure us to their seedy world – and God knows what. So don't ever meet anyone in a “private” place regarding a job ad. (Well…ever.) Meet them in a restaurant…or a cafe – someone very public. This should keep you fairly safe. And to me – that takes precedence over anything else when it comes to job hunting.

Have a Resume (Don't Roll Your Eyes!) Geared Toward using for Virtual Assistant Jobs

I know many women I talk to are like…really, a resume?? But I'm 38 and I don't need no stinkin' resume. Yes, YOU do. There are 22-year-olds running around trying to get jobs too. The most qualified gets the job. You can't answer a job ad with “Yo….coolio – I'd love a job like this….email me with what I need to do!” It's not gonna pan out well for you. Have a resume, present your self and your assets and skills as best you can with this resume. It's gonna be their first impression of you.

Test the Waters by Posting Your Virtual Assistant Resume

You could check out a few job sites online. I would definitely post my resume at I have heard good things about them and they have a lot of employers posting there. So that's kind of a win-win for job seekers. You get resume exposure and lots of employers to see it. Perfect!

You could also try CareerBuilder and Monster too.

The Virtual Assistant Home Office

The beauty of working at home is being able to work where ever you want, right? Well….kinda. My suggestion after talking to other virtual assistants is to have a designated area for “work”. I can't really even think in a messy area – so working on my laptop in my kid's playroom wouldn't be ideal for me – and I think probably not for you either.

Even it's a little desk in your bedroom – that works. I worked from a corner in my dining room for over two years. You ladies with a formal dining room that never gets used….claim it! It's now your office!

Have a decent computer (with internet access), printer, fax, phone and basic office supplies (paper, pens, stapler, tape etc.) For me….a chair would be my biggest investment besides the computer/laptop. Years of using a crappy task chair have left me with a lower back issue. I'm not crippled – but anyone that has experienced low back pain…yikes, it sucks.

Your Virtual Assistant Journey

Maybe it ends up you hate being a virtual assistant. You get a boss that's a total butthead loser. (We all know they exist, don't we!!) Maybe – it wasn't the job – but the boss? Maybe it was the assignments  – they were boring or too
complicated or there was too much expected in a small amount of time. Maybe the hours weren't flexible.

No matter. What that first virtual assistant job did for you is it allowed you to find out your limitations, your likes… how it fits into your family's schedule and lifestyle. It doesn't mean you have to throw in the towel. You just know better what you will and won't put up with and your limitations. Now you have experience under your belt and the next time you interview you'll know….yes/no this is for me.

More Helpful Virtual Assistant Tools

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– Love Pinterest? This just might be the perfect type of work for you.

Virtual Assistant Job Directory

– Take a look at this list of places that hire virtual assistants. Lots of options!

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  1. analyn diano says:

    what the basic requirements to become a virtual assistant it is necessary to have a degree I mean I really don’t have idea and experience about the job do I need to undergo training where to find client

  2. I understand everything you said on this site. The only question I have is how do you become a virtual assistant when you have never done this type of work. I’m really interested in finding out.

  3. Laura,

    There really are a lot of opportunities out there right now to work at home. And I don’t mean just making money doing surveys or writing…. real jobs that offer benefits and everything. I know so many people doing call center work from home, data entry and do assistant work. Don’t give up on finding something — now more than ever, working virtually is totally acceptable and more employers are open to it.

  4. Laura Robinson says:

    I love the idea of being a virutual assistant. For one thing I’ve been in the work force for many years, and quite frankly I’m tired of working. Also, most of the jobs I’ve had paid peanuts, and I know that I’m worth more than that. The jobs i’ve had have been meanial and demeaning and I just don’t want to do it anymore. My bosses have been idiots, who I can’t understand how they got their positions. So I’m really looking forward to working for myself.

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