Vicky Virtual Review [Freelance Virtual Assistant – Flexible Work at Home]

Vicky Virtual
Vicky Virtual offers versatile, flexible work at home options for virtual assistants.”

Vicky Virtual Uses Freelance Virtual Assistants

Businesses have made many changes to the way they handle staff over the past several years. One of the departments many businesses have decreased, and in some cases, done away with altogether, is their phone service department. Most business owners found that eliminating the position, they were able to reduce their overhead. But this left them with just one pesky problem. Who would answer the phones?

That's where Vicky Virtual comes into play. They provide a freelance phone answering service.

How Vicky Virtual Works

The way that Vicky Virtual works is that a business contacts the small company and discusses what they need in a freelance contract receptionist. Vicky Virtual than pairs the new client with one of the freelance contractors they work with. The contractor then does things like answer calls and help book appointments and other tasks that had been previously handled by a full-time receptionist. (See my post, Virtual Assistant Jobs and Where to Find Them.)

Are There Perks

I confess that I personally haven’t had much experience regarding Vicky Virtual, but from the little I’ve heard, I’ve been impressed. The business has grown large enough that it’s able to provide its contractors with plenty of work which is important. You will also be able to work from the comfort of your home office, and since the work is actually quite light, you should be able to complete other work at home work projects in between taking phone calls, increasing the amount of money you earn per hour.

Having a flexible schedule is also a nice perk. This is especially true of parents. That's why Amazon Flex Jobs and Instacart are becoming super popular. You're in control of your schedule. You work when you want to, how much you want… etc.

What's the Pay Like?

The amount of information I have been able to track down regarding Vicky Virtual has been pretty limited. So far I haven’t been able to learn what type of payment method they use, how reliable they are about paying their freelance contractors on time, or how frequently they pay. I did manage to learn that they pay hourly and the rate comes to a little over $9.00 an hour, which compared to the rates I’ve observed similar businesses pay their freelance contractors, isn’t bad, especially if you’re able to take on additional projects at the same time.

Final Thoughts

I haven’t been able to find much information about Vicky Virtual, which I consider a good sign. It has been my experience that when a company treats its freelance contractors poorly, negative reviews are easy to locate. At this point, I’d be willing to give Vicky Virtual a try, though I would proceed with caution and ask lots of questions before committing more than a few hours of my time.

You can get more info on working at Vicky Virtual here.

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  1. Andrea G. says:

    From a client perspective, Vicky Virtual is not well-run. My calls went unanswered for more than 3 weeks. When I reached out to the founder, Donald Spann, to try to rectify, he cancelled my service without notifying me and started transferring my number to another company.

    Hightly unreliable and unprofessional service!

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