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WorldLingo Lets Translators Work From Home

If you feel you’re language skills are strong enough to work for WorldLingo, you should apply. They’re a good company to work for. At the moment they have two different titles for the freelance translators they add to their team. One group is called generalist. The second group is called specialist. One of the things I really like about the company is that they don’t expect you to take a file and translate it into your second or third language. Worldlingo has a strict policy that all translators will only have to take documents and translate them into their natural tongue. This policy ensures that each finished translation reads smoothly and is high quality. (See more Translation and Interpreter Jobs that might interest you. I have a big list that I keep updated.)

The company was founded in 1998 and has been going strong ever since. They’re interested in working with translators from all corners of the earth.

WorldLingo Online Job Requirements

Worldlingo does have some pretty specific guidelines about what they’re looking for when they read through the applications. They will only accept the most qualified applicants.

In order to become a Worldlingo general translator you must:

• Have at least 5 years of experience providing translations in a commercial setting
• If the country you live in has a translation association for professionals, you must be able to prove your membership
• You must be a university graduate
• WorldLingo insists that all general translators already own a personal copy of Trados 5 Freelance

If you would like to work as a specialist translator which pays a little better you need to have all of the requirements of a general translator and also 2 years of translation experience and a university degree in your specialty area.

Languages WorldLingo Hires Translation Services For

WorldLingo is looking for any translators who fluently write and speak at least two languages. They have clients from all over the world. If you speak a common combination of languages, such as English and Spanish it’s likely that you’ll find the company has several clients you can work with, but you’ll also be competing against several other translators. On the other hand, if you speak something more obscure, like English and Kikuyu it’s likely you’ll be able to take each project that’s submitted to WorldLingo.

Areas of interest the WorldLingo covers includes:

• Aerospace
• Energy & Power
• Gaming
• Government
• Legal
• Tourism
• Defense
• Religion
• Automotive
• Finance
• Medical
• Telecommunications

Applying to Work for WorldLingo

Turning in your application will be hassle-free. The translation service has made it easy by providing the form you need directly on their website. Before you can fill out the application, you will have to create an account and log in. Make sure that any information you mention in your application and resume can be verified.

If WorldLingo likes the look of your application they will take you through the rest of the application. It can take a while before they respond to your application.

The company has offices in both the United States and the United Kingdom, but you’ll be able to do as much translation work as you wish without ever leaving the comfort of your home office.

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