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About: was created in 1999. Yes – the site has been offering free work at home resources for 17+ years. One of the original pioneers in “mommy blogs” and WAHM websites. My name is Kelly Land, I am the owner and I love blogging about working at home, making money online and how to save money as well. Never any fees, just free information for readers and free work at home job leads posted every day!

Yes, moms love this site. The majority of visitors are moms at home looking for ways to stay at home and help financially support their family. Amazing women that want to raise their children, boldly budget and courageously earn — all from their own homes! We do however have many mompreneurs visit too and stay at home dads often stop by as well!

Top EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online!

1. PaidViewpoint - I've earned over $495! And love the fast payout via Paypal.
2. ACOP - Get paid for your opinion! (USA, Canada, UK, Germany & France).
3. Survey Junkie - Surveys & Product testing. Open in the USA, CA & Australia.
4. 1Q - Get paid .25 instantly into PayPal for EVERY text questions you answer!

My visitors are savvy and smart. They can see a “get-rich quick” scheme a mile away. (And so can I!) Most have limited budgets or disposable income and are keen on stretching a dollar. They love the idea of being their own boss, being creative or having a career they love that is home-based.


Sponsored posts are always welcomed, as long as they are relevant to my readers. (I reserve the right to refuse any sponsored post.)

Sponsored Post (written by me) 400-500 words: $500
Sponsored post (written by me) 400-500 words + a professional,
appealing Pinterest image to go with the post: $550
Sharing that image to my Pinterest followers: an additional $125
Sharing the post with my Facebook followers: an additional $100
Full package: $750 ($25 discount)
Sponsored post written by you: $400
* follows Google's guidelines of tagging all “paid” URLs as “nofollow”

Please reach out to me at [email protected]


Cost $27
**Runs for 365 Days – ONE YEAR**

Your company featured in MoneyMakingMommy's awesome and popular direct sales directory (see the directory here) for an entire year! You will be the ONLY rep for your company in the category you choose in the directory. Placing your listing is very easy and really puts you in charge of how you want to shine! You write an amazing 300+ word post (original content ONLY – no copying and pasting from the corporate site or anywhere else!) on your company (and on yourself! Readers love to hear about YOU and why you chose the company, the success you're having, how you mentor… etc) with all your contact info and send us a beautiful 735×1102 image. Voila — your listing will be placed within 24-48 hours in our easy to navigate, super popular directory!

You can find the form to place this listing here.


Cost $18 Regular/$25 Featured
**30 Days**

Potential employers may post their job lead to the MoneyMakingMommy Job Board (see job board here). This is the second most popular page on the site, aside from the home page. The goal is to mainly provide actual job leads.

That being said, I am allowing on a trial basis, the submission of opportunities like direct sales and money making offers, but they MUST be put in the proper category. There will be a limitation on these types of submissions, as I do not want the board to become over-run with “ads”.

I moderate every single submission. Anything fishy, or seemingly non-legit will not be accepted. And anything not placed in it’s appropriate category on the submission form, will be moved to its appropriate category before approved.

The categories are as follows:
Full time
Part time
Full or Part Time
Direct Sales
Idea for Making Extra Cash
Franchise Opportunity/Home Business

Please contact me at [email protected] with “JOB BOARD LISTING” in the subject line. I will get back with you on the info I need for your listing and how to remit payment.

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