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Tarjemly Live Seeks Live Freelance Translators 

If you have had the national news on for even a few minute during the past few months, you’ve seen stories about the mass number of Serbians who’ve been displaced by war. In order to ensure their survival, many have been immigrating. One of these challenges these immigrants face is the fact that they didn’t plan on leaving their homes and didn’t learn how to speak the language of their new host country. As a result, there are millions of Syrians who are unable to understand even the simple word they need to know before they can start building a life for themselves.

What is Tarjemly-live?

Tarjemly-live is an innovative method for providing help to the very immigrants who need it the most.

What Tarjemly-live is, is a mobile app that gives the use the ability to contact a translator whenever they need them. Once the user has connected to the app, they can opt to let the translator listen into an ongoing call and have a translation provided either by a text translation or a live voice translation. (See other companies hiring translators that allow working from home here.)

The app can be used by both iPhone uses and those who favor a cell phone with an android operating system. The only thing the person who needs translation services has to do is download the app and follow the registration services. Once the app has been installed on their phone and the user has paid for it, they can use the app to both find a great translator and to receive the translations they so desperately need.

The great thing about Tarjemly-live is that not only does it provide a valuable service to the immigrants, it also provides people who work from home with another source of income. The creators of Tarjemly-live are currently looking to put together a team of approximately 150 freelance translators.

Helping Those in Need for Translation in at a Moments Notice

While there are many free, easy to use translation tool out there, many non-English speaking immigrants have encountered situations where they really needed live translators. Such as when they were trying to track down relatives, dealing with the police, or in the middle of a translation situation that was simply too complicated for the free translation tool to handle.

Tarjemly-live has been around for a few years now and during that time, it’s been useful to approximately 24,500 users. The live translation services have been provided by about 60 different translators. The company reports that approximately 100,000 words were translated via text messages and live voice translation was used for about 6,000 minutes worth of phone calls.

Final Thoughts

I’ll admit, I haven’t been able to find any reviews from anyone who has provided Tarjemly-live with freelance translator services, but I suspect that’s because it’s a relatively small pool of people who work for this company on a freelance basis. At this point, I don’t have the language skills needed to offer my services, but the app creator reports that he hopes to expand the company to include different languages in the future, so I’ll be watching to see if they ever need my help. While I doubt this service would provide you with enough income to live off of, I do think it fulfill and important role and you may be able to make enough to go out for a nice dinner or help fund a vacation.
You can check out Tarjemly's site here to get started.

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