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Making a Living Offering Online Dating Profile Help

Are you an expert-level schmoozer? Maybe you simply have a knack for presenting people in their best light. If you’re great at creating online profiles, you could turn that into a lucrative side gig, or even a full-time job.

In these uncertain and isolating days of social distancing, online dating has never been bigger. For the first time ever, millions of singles worldwide are relying on services like Tinder, Bumble, eHarmony, and Zoom as their only avenues for social interaction and dating. For a freelance writer who is used to writing blogs, mass emails, and reviews all day, this opportunity could be a fun change of pace.

Optimizing and Simplifying an Agonizing Task

For the majority of the e-dating world, by far the most challenging, time-consuming, and nerve-wracking part of joining a new dating or social site is creating the dreaded profile. Many singles aren’t even sure what they want to say, much less how they want to say it.

How do you walk those fine lines? They wonder. What’s appropriate and what’s tacky?

How do they appear confident and knowledgeable without coming off as shallow and egotistical? What can they say to be funny and engaging but not goofy or annoying? Most want to seem fun, but not reckless; Nice, but not a push-over; sensible but not boring… we could go on.

Many spend hours agonizing over how their words will be perceived and still making cringe worthy blunders. Even the most socially adept and self-aware among us often come up short when trying to describe ourselves.

Hiring it Out: A Growing Trend

While the online market demand for profile writers has seen a steady increase in the last five years, during this rollercoaster that has been 2020, demand has literally exploded.

Now that the internet is nearly all we’ve got, the stakes of striking the right chord on the dating scene have never been higher. More and more singles are turning not just to friends and trusted confidants to help them write their profiles, but to actual professionals. Those who make a living being effective communicators and engaging writers.

Believe it or not, some writers have been able to make a full-time living creating profiles alone. And if writing engaging, fun, creative pieces that draw a reader in and make them take action to learn more, you could be one of them. Remember, you can see even more writing jobs reading my post, Online Writing Jobs and Opportunities.

Ways to Start

Generally, when starting a new type of writing, we recommend writers draft a couple of mock samples that showcase the kind of work your clients can expect to help you land your first few jobs. You could write a dating profile of yourself as well as a friend of the opposite gender or sexual orientation, changing the names of course.

You’ll also want to have a set of interview questions specific to the profile you’ll be writing so you have a comprehensive and concise reference to work from. This helps you avoid having to message them several times to ask specifics. Expect that your questionnaire will evolve as you become more experienced in writing profiles on various dating apps and sites.

As far as choosing a platform or marketplace, there are several avenues you can take to embark on this new venture, should you decide to give it a go. Here is a step-by-step guide to advancing your profile writing career.

If you're a writer, you're likely familiar with Upwork. Because Being one of the largest and most well-respected freelance platforms in the world, they tend to have an existing marketplace for most types of writing, even dating profiles. Upwork is a very competitive site, so don’t take it personally if it takes a few tries before you land your first profile gig. This is a great place to start out, especially if you already have an upwork profile and have landed other types of writing jobs there.

If you’re new to Upwork, here’s the drill: Create your profile as a writer, visit a job board catered to your specified areas of expertise, and submit proposals for jobs that interest you. You set your own rates per proposal, and though the site has suggested rates, you have to work to find that sweet spot where you’re able to land jobs without wasting your time working for nothing. It depends largely on experience.

One great thing about this site: If there’s a service you want or a talent you’re looking to monetize, you can bet Fiverr already has an existing marketplace for it. And there's definitely more demand than supply right now in the profile writing game, which means you’re likely to get hired even as a novice profile writer.

The current typical going rate for a profile is upwards of $25 and experienced profile writers are working at a significantly higher rate. We suggest starting at around $20 as a beginner so you can build up a clientele and then taking it up from there once the stellar reviews start to roll in.

Once you’ve learned the ropes and established a style and flow for writing your profiles, this is a logical next step. A dating profile marketplace pioneer, E-Cyrano was one of the first companies to specialize in this niche market as a stand-alone business. And, having been showcased on media giants like CNN, Good Morning America, and the New York Times, they’ve got quite a high profile.

As compared to other platforms, this boutique service pays their writers significantly more, but it can also be harder to gain access. To be accepted, writers need to submit two 200 word mock profiles or summaries; one for someone they know and one for their ideal mate.

If selected, writers can expect to receive between $75-$120 per profile. However, most writers only get a few jobs each week, so this is not full-time employment.

Launch Your Own Company
As you establish clientele, either specializing in profiles or throughout various forms of writing, this is the logical next step. Some might call it more of a leap of faith, as it can be risky. If you have a dedicated and satisfied customer base, there’s a good chance you already have the tools you need for success.

If you already know how to write all the brilliant marketing materials and use social media and blogs to expand your exposure and increase those ROIs, you can save a lot in start up costs by doing much of the work yourself.

For instance, if you want to gain brand familiarity, you’ll need a top-shelf website. Fortunately, we know where you can get a premium website content writer for next to nothing: YOU!

If you’re just starting out in freelance writing, it will likely take a few years to work to this point. The good news is, since profile writing is a fairly new niche market, you’d have the chance to be a trailblazer in the field. Getting your name out there before the marketplace becomes inevitably saturated is a huge draw.

Think about adjacent or complimentary services or promos you could offer that your target market demographic might find irresistible, such as free profile picture tips or packaged bundles that include compatibility analysis or dating, relationship coaching, or discounts to popular online lingerie or clothing boutiques.

Are You a Good Fit for Helping Others with Their Dating Profiles?

There are many types of writers. Some are great at delivering stats and facts in a clear, straightforward, and concise manner, while others have a uniquely-voiced flair for creative and engaging long-form writing.

The freelance world can be rife with mind-numbingly boring projects, and if you long for gigs that allow you think outside the box and flex your creative muscle, this job is for you.

Writing someones dating profile may seem like a trivial way to make money, but helping people connect is nothing if not rewarding. After all, is there anything more fulfilling than knowing you helped someone find the love of their life?

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