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Greeting Card Companies Hiring

Believe it or not, working for a greeting card company is a hot topic. Even hotter – being able to work for one right from home. I'm going to make an embarrassing admission here. I have tried twice to write for a greeting card company. And I'm a girl with NOTEBOOKS of poems. I've been writing poems since about 9th grade. I've also written several songs. (I play guitar as well.) BUT — my submissions to each greeting card company was turned down. Now, I wasn't devastated – because they were pretty clear what they wanted. And I understand they get probably so many submissions it would blow are minds. But there was a part of me that was kind of like, “Awwww man…..”

But greeting companies need more than just writers. They also need illustrators. And… on top of that, they need merchandisers to make sure their cards are displayed correctly and current in retail stores.

So, greeting card jobs are much more than just “catchy poems” – and greeting card jobs from home can encompass a lot more than what you think. And because I feel like many of my readers would be interested in all the different kinds of jobs associated with greeting card companies that allow us to work from home, or in some respects, work that is flexible and lets you be in charge to a certain degree.

Below is a list of greeting card jobs from home organized into categories to help you go right to what interests you. I'll update when I find new companies and jobs – so bookmark this page and come back often.


– One of the biggies in the greeting card business. Unlike some of the others you'll see on this list, the have a more formal submission process – but, good news – they do take submissions. They have a disclosure form you must agree to before submission.

– This is one that I tried to submit to and failed – but that doesn't mean you will! They love original, unique and genuine ideas. Their submission page states: “Rhymed poetry, religious verse, one-liners, or humor.” Regarding payments, they pay “$300 per poem for the worldwide, exclusive rights to publish it on a greeting card and other products, and $50 per poem for one-time use in a book.”

– They take submissions from artists, writers and photographers. They have a disclosure form you must agree to before submission.


– Just like writers, they take both illustrations and photography submissions.

– They accept work from artists from time to time. Check back to see when/if they are.

– I like this one because it allows you to have your own little storefront. Somewhat like a Fiverr shop or Etsy shop.

– The have a submission form for artists that are interested.
**This one seems to have a website hosting issue at this time. Hopefully they update soon.

– Freelance art, editorial and photography. Submissions are mailed.

– The freely take submissions, and you can mail them in. But they also let you email them as well.


– They hire part time merchandisers. Somewhat flexible schedules.

– Well-known greeting card company. Semi-flexible.

– Greetings cards. Pay starts at $9 an hour. Not always hiring, but sometimes Indeed has openings listed on their merchandising results page.

Do You Have a Greeting Card Job From Home?

Please share your experience below in the comments section. I'd love to hear more and I know readers and visitors would love to know more as well. If you're still looking for work at home, please be sure to check out the entire Work at Home Directory for more job ideas.

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