Is Live Sales Staff a Viable Work at Home Opportunity

Live Sales Staff

At Home Customer Service Jobs To Beware

Live Sales Staff is a Canadian company that has been around for 8 years. They have clients all over the United States and provide freelance contractors with an opportunity to earn a living while working in the comfort of their own home. This is a company that occasionally makes waves throughout the work at home community.

Type of Work Available

The type of work that Live Sales Staff provides freelance contractors is live chat work, something that has become increasingly popular since the crashing economy forced many businesses to cut their customer service departments. Live chat work has proven to be a great way for individuals to start earning an income at home even despite not having many skills. Lots of friends of mine are able to use Live chat work to earn a very respectable living.

It seems that most of the live chat work done for Live Sales Staff involves booking appointments, answering product questions, and providing mild tech support. (Read reviews on other companies that offer work at home customer service jobs here.)

Are You Qualified to Work for Live Sales Staff

As of right now, I’ve been unable to locate what skills and traits the company looks for when they need to add members to their chat team. Based on similar positions, I’d say you need to be a self-starter, organized, typing skills, and have a knack for both organization and multi-tasking. Equipment wise, you should have a good computer (and a spare is never a bad idea) and reliable, high-speed internet.

Since the company hasn’t posted any requirements, you might have to fill out the application and see what happens.

I have learned that there’s a training period that generally takes 2 weeks to complete.

Live Sales Staff Payments

While researching this company, it looked like they paid freelancers about $500 a month. This was a pretty good wage, or at least that’s what I thought until I found this conversation stating how the company hires individuals and fails to pay them. It looks like they get away with it. If it was just one person, I’d say it was a case of sour grapes but the fact that several people seem to have been scammed makes me think that instead of wasting your time with Live Sales Staff, you should look for other opportunities to work at home. I suspect Live Sales Staff will leave you with a sour taste in your mouth.

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I also found this thread that mentioned being asked to pay for training. I know a few companies do ask for hirees to pay for their own training because they are independent contractors and turn-around is high. It's because of the cost to train someone and then they quit… the company budget just can't take on that much loss. I think Contract World is like that and Working Solutions.

If we could get a Live Sales Staff rep to comment or give more information, I'd certainly welcome it. I don't like to give any company a negative review — but it seems warranted at times. As well, I welcome comments from anyone that's worked for them and had a good or bad experience. Feel free to comment below.

UPDATE: This company, I assume has gone out of business as of 2023. I've yet to find a page where someone can apply for working for this company. I've even checked out their LinkedIn page and see no job openings posted there either. I'm not sure if they were bought out or they changed their name. If anyone has info – please let me know.

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