Apple Work from Home [Hiring At-Home Advisors]

Apple Work From Home
“Apple work from home jobs offer a great way to earn a full-time income from home. Learn more about becoming an Apple At-Home Advisor.”

Apple Work From Home (good pay and benefits!)

I was stunned when a friend told me Apple had work at home opportunities and was actively seeking freelance contractors to provide customer service. Despite half-thinking it was a joke, I wasted no time hurrying to the company’s website to check out the situation.

It turns out, my source was correct. Not only is it possible to earn a work at home income and work for Apple, but it’s a really good gig. According to Glassdooor, At-Home Advisors make anywhere from $15 to $23 an hour. Also, Apple scores a 4.0 out of 5.0 on Glassdoor.

How Apple Work From Home Works

Apple is looking for people to act as the company’s At-Home advisor. The idea is that when a customer has a question about one of the company’s products, you’ll be the first person they speak to. Apple’s goal with this position is to let customers know that the company is designed for and run by ordinary people.

**You do not have to be familiar with Apple products to be hired – but it helps. (See a big list of Work at Home Customer Service Jobs here.)

Apple At-Home Advisor Requirement

As you can imagine, Apple has some pretty big requirements when it comes to who they want representing them. Considering the type of work the company wants contractors to do, I am shocked they don’t insist on a background in computer sciences. What Apple is looking for are people who are able to do much of their own computer work, everything from troubleshooting to installing software, by themselves. In addition to knowing your way around a computer, you will also have to demonstrate that you have fantastic communication skills.

The company expects all of their At-Home advisors to be able to be skilled at time management and multi-tasking.

Some Impressive Benefits

One of the best things about working for Apple is all the benefits you’ll be able to enjoy. The company pays attention to their freelance contractors and does a great job of rewarding hard work. Benefits you’ll enjoy as an Apple At-Home advisor include;
• Discounts
• An iMac
• Great Pay
Personally, I think the fact that they’re willing to provide all of their At-Home advisors with a new iMac computer is a good enough reason to work as an Apple At-Home advisor.


To me the biggest drawback to this position is the amount of time it takes to hear back from Apple. I submitted my application to the company nearly a month ago, and am still waiting to hear back from them. From what I’ve been told, this is a pretty standard wait time. Some have said their interview process took as long as 3 months. It's easier to get hired through Kelly Temp Services for Apple – but it's a huge cut in pay, as Kelly takes part of your pay.

The Interview

When the company does finally review applications, they interview everyone they think will be suitable for the job. The interview consists of;
• Discussions about how to handle different types of customers
• A variety of product related questions
• Questions about what you’ll be able to provide the company

The interview process is done via Skype. If Apple is pleased with your interview, they will do a background check prior to welcoming you to the team. Get more info here.

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