Sutherland: Offering Work at Home Jobs with Benefits

Sutherland - Work at Home Jobs

Sutherland Hires Home Based Workers

Consider Sutherland for a steady work from home job that offers benefits and lots of perks. This company started in 1986 and since then, it has grown to include 32 locations around the world. In 2007, the company expanded to included remote jobs, hiring people to work from home doing tech support, data entry, customer service, sales, and call center support. There are now more than 29,000 employees working for Sutherland and you could join their ranks if you are lucky enough to land one of these lucrative jobs. (See my large list of Work at Home Customer Service Jobs)

Employee or Independent Contractor?

One of the biggest perks of working for Sutherland is that you are an employee, not an independent contractor. If you score a full-time position, you’ll enjoy all the same benefits as their in-house workers. You’ll get health benefits and even a 401K package. But they do offer part-time positions too, if that works better for you.

What Kind of Jobs Are Available?

Most of the remote workers are doing phone based work like sales and technical support. You could be providing customer service assistance on behalf of a variety of companies. The company is known to service several cable and internet providers, online florists, retail stores, and software companies.

How Much Will I Get Paid?

The company pays remote workers on an hourly basis and your actual pay will be based on the job you land, your education, and your experience. As a general rule, most jobs pay between $8.50 and $12.00 per hour. You will have to complete a training period before you start working, but Sutherland pays you for the time you spend doing the training program. Payments are made twice per month by direct deposit or through a debit card.

Who Can Apply for Sutherland Global Service?

To be eligible to work for Sutherland, you’ll just need your own computer and a headset. You must have high-speed internet. You’ll also need a dedicated workspace that is quiet since you will be taking calls. Any other equipment that you need will be provided to you by Sutherland.

Other qualifications can vary depending on the job. Generally speaking, most jobs require you to have a high school diploma and some basic computer skills. You’ll need a working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs. If you have experience in technical support or customer service, that will be a big plus in helping you land a job.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, Sutherland is a legit employer offering real full-time jobs with benefits that you can do from home. If you’ve been looking for an exit strategy from your dead-end job where you can work in your PJ’s and skip the morning traffic rush, this could be it. Check out current openings and apply here.

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