Remote Support Jobs from Home with Support Space

Remote Support Jobs From Home

Support Space -Another Way to Earn From Home

**From Wikipedia: “In 2008 Best Buy partnered up with online tech support provider SupportSpace to offer remote Virtual Agent services to its clients. SupportSpace was founded in 2006 and provided immediate online tech support services.[7] On July 15, 2013, all Geek Squad business was transferred away from SupportSpace and moved in-house to Geek Squad agents.” I'm unsure if SupportSpace continues to offer virtual positions.

Support Space Review

I stumbled on Support Space by accident. While looking for some additional ways to supplement my work at home income, I came across a blog where someone said they were able to use Support Space to earn about a $100 a day. This got my attention. I’m a big fan of anything that puts an additional $500 into my pocket during the week. Especially since the blogger made it sound that the work would be easy, the kind of thing I would be able to do whenever I had a little extra time. The blogger failed to mention that Support Space was a company who was looking for computer techs, something I had very little experience with, but I signed up anyway and was surprised by how quickly I honed skills I didn’t even know I had.

Support Space Pros

Support Space is a legit way to earn money and the company has been around for a while. As a result, it has a good reputation and has managed to work out all the kinks that can cause all sorts of problems when working with a newer income source. They’re also very good about their records and pay up front and right away.

The company put very few demands on me and truly did let me decide how and when I wanted to work. Not feeling the pressure of a deadline was really, really nice.

The great thing about this company was that it showed me a completely different way to earn money while working at home. I had no idea I could become a computer techie.

Support Space Cons

It took some time and happened mostly because the company triggered my stubborn streak, but I did get to the point that I was able to make several hundred dollars a week from Support Space. Once I managed to establish myself, the work wasn’t difficult, but getting started took a great deal of time and effort. The company doesn’t do much of the legwork and expects its freelancers to contact clients. One of the main reasons I work at home was because I wanted to minimize the amount of contact I have with the general population, but working for Support Space required me to make some phone calls and connect with people directly. It eventually dawned on me that I could start my own company, do the exact same thing, and earn even more money.

My Final Thoughts

Don’t write off Support Space. I think the company provides you with a great way to train and learn as much as possible while working for someone else. If you decide you like this kind of work, you can do what I did and set up a small company of your own.
To see what positions Geek Squad is hiring for right now, you can check their jobs page here.

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