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Who is Beep Directed and Why Would I Want to Work There?

Beep Directed is a Boston based company that helps business owners with “voicemail” campaigns. Instead of robocalling, which everyone hates – Beep Directed has live agents call and leave voicemails and messages. I like this idea — not only because it's a warmer way to get a message out, it also provides jobs for those that want to work at home!

So How Do I Work at Home for Beep Directed?

Beep Directed is currently hiring a small number of work-at-home agents. You'll be making brief calls to business contacts. On their job interest form it states the following:

Thanks for your interest in being a contractor for our call center. Our flexibility has allowed full-time employees, students, military spouses, and many others to earn extra income by calling for our campaigns. Unlike other call center environments, we're relatively low stress as we do not require any direct sales effort – you'll just try to get to business professional's voicemail boxes to leave a message.

Hours and Pay?! Tell Me More!

Hours: General availability Monday through Thursday between the times: 11:00 am and 4:00 pm CST and between 5:30 pm and 8:00 pm CST. This is part-time work with flexibility on schedules and a max of 25 hours a week.

Pay: The pay is $10 an hour and they pay every two weeks via direct deposit. This is contract employment, you are not an employee of the company.

Requirements for This Job?

Their job listing states the following:

~A quiet working space
~A reliable computer
~A computer headset with microphone
~Fast and reliable WIRED internet connection for your computer (NOT wifi /mobile)
~A friendly, professional and comfortable presence on the phone

We provide you with access to web-based calling technology (no phone required), and the campaigns to call on.

Geographic: I don't see any restrictions on hiring, other than needing to be a US citizen.

Final Thoughts and How to Apply at Beep Directed

Hey – this sounds like a great little egg! It's flexible, pays decently and is low stress! My goodness – when it comes to work at home “phone jobs” — this is a departure and a good one if you ask me. But these positions will go super fast. Looks like applicants will be selected for a quick phone interview. Work and paid training will start immediately. So if you're interested, jump in NOW!

Here is a link to the Beep Directed company site, to get more info on what they do exactly.

** They typically take applications via Google Doc Forms — their last form is no longer active, so they must not be hiring at this time. If I notice a form up, I'll post it here.

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