Unusual Ways to Make Money at Home (some might be a little weird!)

Unusual Ways to Make Money

Strange Ways to Make Money Online and From Home

I've been researching work at home for over 16 years and I've been online since 1992!! So I always think…. “I've seen it all… I've read it all..” – but no, I am amazed all the time by the information I find. So this page is dedicated for ways of making money from home or online that I really don't have a category for. They just don't fall into your unusual categories — but I still feel like they need to be shared. If anything… for the amusement factor alone. And, what kind of work at home guru would I be if I didn't include as many ways to earn as possible! So here you go…

Weird or Unusual Ways to Earn Cash at Home

– Just like feet pics, you can earn extra cash from selling hand pics. Learn all about how to get started.

– Learn more about what ASMR is and how you could start your own ASMR channel and cash in!

– You can potentially sell feet pics and anonymously and safely to earn extra money. Learn more.

– Become a platonic buddy. Learn more about rent-a-friend possibilities.

– Making losing weight your job… kinda. Here's a list of ways to make extra cash (and perks/rewards) for losing weight.

– This is for those that don't mind a little traveling around in their area and have Nancy Drew like aspirations.

– Did you know that many people make a full time income creating puzzles like crosswords and word searches?

– Gamer alert! Yep, there are those out there willing to pay for you to help them play Pokemon GO.

– Yes, it's extremely unusual indeed – but it's legit.

– The internet and social media are making pet owners serious cash. Learn how to get started.

-Do you need to be psychic – nope, not necessarily. Can you make really good money? Yep.

-Though this is Indiana and Illinois only (for now) — it's $10 an hour and nice benefits package!

Do You Have Something To Add To Unusual Ways to Earn at Home or Online?

Feel free to contact me of comment in the section below. Building a great resource and work at home community isn't possible alone. Your input is valuable! Thank you in advance.


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  1. Sorry i really need money through online. I can do what ever you want. Chatting or anything. Thank you

  2. Kelly Land @MoneyMakingMommy.com says:

    Thank you for the compliment. For the most part, since I am a resident in the United States, my site is geared toward residents of the USA. That being said, I realize I have folks from all over the world coming to my site and I am thankful for that. I have created an International Work at Home Resource page for those that are not in the USA.

  3. I am really big fan of yours you are unforgettable specially the way you clear the topics is so nice I am really big fan of yours could you please tell me if I want to know something actually I live in Karachi Pakistan can you please clarify the me which of the program is best for this area.

  4. Hi Kelly,

    Your site is awesome!! Do you have anything For someone living in the Caribbean. Work from home?

  5. I am a senior looking for a at home position; I would like data or medical claims and billing, perferably. I have a cell phone, and a laptop computer with wifi and internet. I live on a fix income, and would like to supplement my income.

  6. Karen ten Oever says:

    Hi Kelly
    Need something as I live in South Africa and am a white female of 60.

  7. Marlene Pearlstein says:

    I have a computer and a smart phone and I want to work online. I dont have a printer or fax machine. I dont drive.

  8. Laura Dermer_Chalmers says:

    I have been looking for work at home for months now and nothing and I will not pay any money upfront. I really would like some help if possible. I am disabled looking to supplement my income. Thank you

  9. thanks for the info.it is very helpful.you give me some great ideals.thanks again.

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