Voter Research Offers Work at Home Doing Political Surveys

Voter Research
“Voter Research offers work from home positions that are flexible. You'll be making calls doing political surveys or giving reminders.”

Get Caught up on Bills with Voter Research

If you don’t mind talking on the telephone for a few hours a day Voter Research just might provide the at-home work opportunity you’ve been looking for. This is a company that uses freelance contractors to help collect data about voters and how the general public feels about candidates and political issues.

Once you’ve been accepted to the Voter Research team, you’ll be able to connect to the list of company’s numbers which are stored in a cloud system. Most of the calls you’ll handle involve political surveys or are reminder messages letting registered voters that they need to make their ways to the polls and vote. Since you’re not trying to sell anything, you won’t have to worry about dealing with high levels of animosity each time you place a call. (See my post, Online Customer Service Jobs for even more great options for working at home that are similar to this one.)

What the Pay is Like at Voter Research?

Voter Research is very careful to make sure they don’t release any information about how much freelance contractors are paid, but considering the nature of the work, it’s safe to assume that you’ll at least make the minimum wage. Each week, the company deposits you earnings into Paypal. I’m not sure if they remove taxes from the payments prior to making the deposit or not.

What I Really Like About Voter Research

The great thing about Voter Research is that unlike other caller research groups, you don’t need any prior experience, making this a great opportunity to get the experience needed to apply for those higher paying jobs. It’s also a great opportunity to decide if this is a type of at-home work that you enjoy.

Voter Research has done an excellent job of making sure that the application process is super easy. All you need to do is fill out the registration application. Any training the company feels you need, will be provided after this point. Before you can start earning money you will need a headset, a good computer, and a reliable non-wireless internet connection.

Once you’ve been accepted into the program, you’ll love the fact that not only does Voter Research not have any requirement regarding how many hours you need to work each day, but you’ll also be able to choose shifts that work into your schedule. You’ll be hard-pressed to find similar work that’s with as flexible a schedule.

Final Thoughts

During election years, Voter Research is a great way to get ahead on your bills. During those time periods, you’ll basically be able to do as much work as you want. However, after the elections, these will slow down so you’ll need another source of income at this point.

Right now they're using Mighty Recruiter for applicants. You can check their site for openings that are “work from home” here.

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  1. Ginger Lloyd says:

    I work for Voter Research and am happy with the work. I am able to choose days and shifts that accommodate my schedule, and am able to ask for time off when needed. The work is simple and the supervision is always there, for questions and direction.
    They email you the script ahead of time, so you are able to review and practice it ahead of time, and print it out, even. I am able to take a lunch break after working four hours, of half an hour. There is a “chat room” where I can interact with the supervisor and other reps, in between calls. There is also a separate room where I may post silly gifs for entertainment purposes.

  2. CraftyMomma says:

    I make a little extra income online from doing surveys, watching videos, completing offers, etc. You won\’t get rich but you will definitely have extra for gifts, groceries, gas, etc.makemoredomore.blogspot

  3. mommyduwal says:

    Thanks Kelly. Good point.

  4. @mommyduwal
    I’m not sure as far as phone :-( I do know you need to have your computer hard-wired. No laptop or something like that using wireless. And you’ll need a heasdset of course. But they don’t say anything about landline/voip requirements.

  5. mommyduwal says:

    Looks like a great opportunity. But I have one question I only ask you because they don’t offer it. What type of phone do they need? There is no FAQ page on the site and no contact info. And nothing is mentioned on their site about type of phone use, other than making calls.

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