Helios Media Review – Work at Home Phone Agents

Helios Media Review

My Thoughts Regarding Helios Media

**UPDATE: I believe Helios is now eDegree Advisor

I firmly believe that no work at home opportunity should be ignored which is why I decided to check out Helios Media.

One of the first things you should know about Helios Media is that while it does provide a legit way to earn money without leaving the comfort of your own home, it is a telephone service so if you don’t like talking to people on the phone and trying to convince them to sign up for programs, this might not be a good match for you.

Getting Started with Helios Media

I don’t think I’ve ever had an easier time signing up for a work at home opportunity. Helio Media has done a marvelous job of keeping everything very simple. They have a very informative video posted on their home page which does a marvelous job of explaining exactly what the company is all about and why you’ll enjoy working for them. After watching the video, the company has posted a handful of yes/no questions that serve as a job application.

I heard back from the company within a few hours of submitting the application questions and was quickly given my first assignments. The entire process was very quick and free of stress.

Causes for Concern

I’ll admit that I have heard a few things about Helio Media that have made me hesitant to devote more than a few hours of my time to them each week. The first was that they’re not always good about paying their employees. Now that I’ve been working for them for about a month and have had no trouble getting the money I’m owed, I’m starting to suspect that there might be another side to that particular story.

The other report came from a close friend of mine who once worked for Helio Media who was unexpectedly fired for not making enough successful phone connections. Since these types of situations are common when dealing with work at home opportunities, I strongly urge everyone who comes to me for advice to diversify.

Final Thoughts on Helios Media

Even though I haven’t been working for Helio Media for very long, I’m optimistic. This is definitely a legit work at home opportunity. The company seems to be very organized and has been very pleasant to work for. The individuals I’ve called have all been a delight to work with. Personally, I wish other telemarketing opportunities were as easy to get along with.


Have experience with Helios? Share your comments below – it helps everyone. Thanks so much.

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