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Have you ever purchased a puzzle book? Maybe a crossword puzzle book or a word search book? I know I have. Several times. I absolutely love word search books. And I know we have all this fancy technology now…. gaming consoles, cellphones, tablets and computers…. but there is nothing quite like having your little puzzle book in your hands, with a pencil or pen and just getting lost.

Many of you might remember Amy Harrop from my Piggyback Publishing interview. Amy gave a great interview with insights into how she successfully publishes LITTLE, like 15-50 page ebooks (Kindle books) for big profits. And she also shares with all of us — how we can do the same.

Well, now Amy is here to share how we can profit from creating puzzle books. I LOVE this idea!

Why Puzzle Books?

Amy ran some numbers by me and I was quite amazed. Not just amazed, but it convinced me that this is really something I need to share with my readers and consider for myself.

*This niche is hugely popular:

The adult books in this niche sold more than 8.5 million copies in the United States in 2014.
The same year, children’s books sold over 12 million copies, an increase of approximately 33% from the previous year.
These books consistently rank in the top 1% of all books sold on Amazon.

*Shared by Amy

Those numbers don't lie. Obviously… LOTS of us enjoy getting lost in puzzle books. But what kind of puzzle books sell? And how hard are they for people like you and I to create? And even if we could easily create these book (and we can!) — where are the buyers? How do we know where to sell them?

Amy's Guide Can Help Us

All these questions are answered in Amy's super helpful guide, Puzzle Publishing Profits. She explains how there is little to NO writing. Yep — in this 20 MILLION dollar puzzle niche, you can learn how to create puzzle books easily. I was floored.

When I found out that puzzle books consistently rank in the top 1% of all books sold on Amazon… well, I knew then that there was certainly money to be made — but also, that having some help with getting started would be a dream! Here you have a real opportunity. By real, I mean — these books sell. And in order for us to get a slice of that pie, we need a puzzle book. Why not learn from someone that has experience and research already? The path is already blazed, now we just need some steps to put us on that path too.

So Why Should I PAY for a Guide and How Much?

Hey — no one is stopping you from taking the info above and setting your course for puzzle profits. But because Amy offers a 30-day test drive on her Puzzle Publishing Profits guide, there really isn't anything to risk and so much to gain.

Amy offers an FAQ section on her information page, but I want to just share it here because I feel like it might answer a lot of your questions and be really helpful.

How is the training delivered?
You get a 60+page pdf ebook, plus additional resources to help you easily create and promote your puzzle books.
How can I create puzzles?
I provide you with extensive resources to create puzzle books (many types!), free and paid.
What types of puzzles can I create?
Many different kinds and I focus on the most profitable, such as Sudoku, Word Searches, and more.
Is it really that easy to create puzzle books?
Yes! In fact, you can create many different types of in-demand puzzles books with the push of a button. Then, just compile them and publish! Need help? Have other questions? Contact me!

So not only is she offering a 30-day test drive on her guide, but she's upfront about what she's providing and the most asked questions. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, you can grab Amy's, Puzzle Publishing Profits and check it out for yourself. She's got a full page explaining in much more detail and she has actual testimony from purchasers.

The next time someone asks you what you do for a living and you tell them you create puzzle books – they'll be envious and astonished. What a cool way to make money!

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