Article Document Review [Freelance Writing Gig]

Article Document Writing Gig

Article Document Review

When most people start to take steps to develop a freelance writing career, usually the first place they start to post articles is Ezine. The reason for this stems from the fact that the article directory provides the writer with an opportunity to develop a writing platform. I like the idea of eZine, but it has always bothered me that no matter how many articles I contribute to the site, I never make a dime.

I feel that Article Document provides the best possible solution. Not only do they allow writers to post articles about any topic matter under the sun, but the writers also get paid. I have been using Article Document for quite some time now and have been very pleased with the entire organization. (See my post, Online Writing Jobs for a big list of companies and ideas that offer pay for writing. You might also wanna check out, Blogging Jobs [List of Where to Find Blogging Jobs That Pay] for great ideas too.)

Getting Started with ArticleDocument

Signing up for only takes a few minutes. The only thing you need to do is create an account.

What to Write

Article Document has a list of articles that clients are looking for. After you have created your account you’re free to look over this list and pick out the ones you find interesting. Once you’ve done this, you can sit down and start writing. I have been pleased with the wide selection of topics to choose from.

Hone Your Writing Craft

One of the features I really love about is that they don’t simply expect their writers to figure out what type and style of articles buyers are looking for. The website has a team of professional editors who work with each writer, showing how each article can be improved.

How Do I Get Paid and When Do I Get Paid?

This website offers a totally unique payment system. If you decide you’re going to write blog style articles, you will end up earning royalties. This means that you won’t get an up front payment, but on the other hand, those articles have the ability to generate a modest passive income that you’ll be able to enjoy for years.

If you write the type of articles that refers to as Journalist articles, you’ll be required to submit a higher quality article, and there’s an increased risk of your work being rejected, but you will also get paid a fixed rate per each word written. You can also choose if you want your byline to remain with the article, which is an added perk if you want to gain some exposure.

Final Results – Worth Your Time?

I don’t have any trouble using to earn a few hundred dollars every single month. I’ve recommended the website to several people who have expressed an interest in supplementing their income by doing some work while at home and they have been able to successfully use the program to earn money, create an impressive portfolio, and cultivate a relationship with buyers who have eventually become full time clients. You can check out Article Document here.

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