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I've covered ebook creation a few times on my site. As I've become more interested in making money by writing ebooks — I've done a lot more research recently. My main issue with ebook creation is time. I don't have a lot of it right now. For various reasons in my life at this point, I've had to take on A LOT of extra work outside of my blog.

That being neither here nor there in the grand scheme of this particular article – I just wanted to give a basis for researching ways to create ebooks quickly.

So, how do you create ebooks quickly so that you can turn around and sell them over and over again for profit?

Sqribble Makes eBook Creation Fast

I'm always leery of any software that claims to do it all and do it quickly. But I couldn't resist checking out Sqribble because even though I like to write my own content — there were aspects of Sqribble what would be game changing for me as far as just getting traction on the whole ebook creation process.

And I am always up to check out and review anything that appears promising that finds it's way on my desktop. So, yes – I took Sqribble for a test drive. 

Sqribble Review

Create ebooks instantly without writing a single word? That's what Sqribble's claim is. It took Sqribble's creator and team 12 months to develop this cloud-based software.

It you've outsourced your ebook creation before or just hit a roadblock (like me) with ebook creation because of time or writer's block, this could be the answer for both of us.

What are two of the hurdles of creating an ebook beside the content ?

1. Designing it. An entire, professional theme needs to be in place.

2. It needs to be readable on any and every device.

Sqribble has you covered on those aspects with over 50 professional themes that are all readable on any device. There are 15 popular niche categories to choose from within these themes too.

The user interface is friendly. Very friendly. It was not buggy or glitchy. Sqribble was intuitive.


As I said before, I like to write my own content. But — if you find yourself not up for writing it all on your own, this software can offer you some help. Sqribble has an automated content engine. But what does this mean? Sqribble offers over 1,000 niche article that you can tap into with one click! You're given a commercial license with Sqribble so you can sell your creation as your own for 100% of the profits. Even using one of these niche articles.

Tweak the articles provided or upload your own Word File. Sqribble with do the work by automatically extracting the content  and placing it into your ebook.

Or, if you're like me and really want that unique, completely YOU ebook — start from scratch. You provide the content and let Sqribble do the rest. 

Sqribble Feature List

  • All in One Software
  • 50 Unique Ebook Templates
  • 15 Profitable Niche Categories
  • Automatic Content Engine
  • Automatic Table of Contents
  • Automatic Headers and Footers
  • Automatic Page Numbering
  • Drag and Drop Design
  • Add Unlimited Pages
  • Add Your Own Media
  • Fully Customizable Ebooks
  • 300+ Google Fonts
  • 1000+ Stock Library
  • Sell Designs for Profit
  • Client Management Dashboard
  • FREE Commerical License
  • FREE Agency Website
  • 1-click Feedback Engine
Sqribble Review

So, looking at this as I would — a mom at home, wanting to create ebooks to sell — but short on time…
Sqribble could very well be the bridge between your creative entrepreneurial aspirations and getting stuff done!

Sqribble is Not Free – But It's Affordable

How much is your time worth? That's what I ask myself when I approach buying any product that I am considering. I know I want to create ebooks. I know I am struggling to just get started. I'm always putting it off. If this sounds like you too — and you're literally earning nothing, because you've not accomplished anything regarding your ebook — then consider Sqribble. At $67, it can be that motivator and helper to get you going.

I am using my affiliate link here, but regardless of whether you use it or not — I myself have purchased Sqribble and hope to jump on the ebook selling train! The idea of earning over and over for something I created once is exciting to me. I just needed a helper — and I believe Sqribble is it!

I get unlimited use for a small one time cost — and you can grab a copy as well and get that ebook started too!

Purchase Sqribble eBook Creator Software at the intro price of $67

** I was given a promo code for my readers. Please use “spock” to get $3 off for as long as they offer it.

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