Make Money Creating Checklists (Sell Them for Profits Over & Over)

Make Money Creating Checklists

Pick Topics You Love, Create Checklists and Sell Them!

We all use checklists from time to time. We make lists, we prepare and we plan. Checklists help us do that. But what if you could earn cash just by making these helpful checklists? Guess what, it's a thing!

People actually buy checklists all the time on sites like Etsy and Amazon. Maybe you're one of them. I know I have bought checklists before — basically, content management checklists to help me keep on track with my blog. Sometimes these have been seasonal topic lists, some have been brainstorming cue lists… and some have just been target goal lists that help me stay on track preparing new content.

Make Money Creating Checklists (Digital or Printable)

But how can you make cash creating checklists? How do you know what checklists sell and which don't? How do you know if you're creating them correctly or formatting them the way that will appeal to potential buyers? That's where Amy Harrop's guide comes in. You've heard me talk about Amy before. I've even interviewed her. She's pretty amazing and has created so many awesome guides. Personally, I loved Creating Puzzle Books for Profits and Creating Tiny eBooks That Sell.

Now she's come out with, Checklist Profits. This easy to follow guide can help you on your way to creating checklists that you can sell.

Amy says:

You will learn exactly what kinds of lists to create that your customers will love, what to include in each checklist so your customers can use them to get results, how to build in “bonus bucks” where you make extra money from your checklists, and how to turn simple checklists into a thriving business. Plus a lot more

Start with What You Know

The basics of making checklists are starting with what you know. This could be anything from fostering kittens to photography. As I sat here and pondered what I would begin with – I thought about planting sunflower seeds. I have very good luck planting sunflowers of all kinds of varieties and I love doing it. I also like to take the sunflowers and make arrangements with them around my house.

You might be thinking — “throw some sunflower seeds in the ground and hope they grow, right?” No… there is a process. From picking the right seeds to preparing the soil and what about harvesting seeds too? There is more to it than what you might think. The possibilities for flowerbeds and gardens are endless.

But that's just one example — with me just thinking off the top of my head. The ideas are endless. And Amy gives many brainstorming ideas and dozens of examples every step of the way for creating your lists.

Checklist Profit System

Ten Lessons on Checklist Creation to Help You

Amy is very thorough in helping you with your checklist brainstorming and creation. You'll get 10 FULL lessons that are easy to understand and allow you seriously begin your checklist entrepreneurship. If you're interested in learning how to make money creating checklists, you'll want to check out this list of lessons.

List of Lessons in Checklist Profits

Lesson One:
The Business Model: Two Ways to Sell Checklists to Make Money From Your Passion

Lesson Two:
5 Types Of Checklists That Your Customers Will Love (And Love You For Creating)

Lesson Three:
7 Things To Include In Each Checklist So Users Can Get The Outcome They Want

Lesson Four:
What An Ideal Set Of Checklists That People Want To Buy Looks Like

Lesson Five:
The Five Essentials For Flawless Execution Of Your Checklist

Lesson Six:
How To Brainstorm Ideas, Research Points And Organize The Perfect Checklist

Lesson Seven:
Getting Other People To Prepare Exclusive Checklists For You (That Only You Can Sell)

Lesson Eight:
5 Costly Blunders That Are Easily Made But Easily Avoided By Taking Action Up Front

Lesson Nine:
7 Ways To Build In Automatic “Bonus Bucks” For Each Checklist You Create

Lesson Ten:
Going Big: Turning Simple Checklists Into A Thriving Business

More Than Just the Lessons – Bonuses to Help You

I love it when someone that's offering help guides delivers above and beyond. Even though Amy's guide is super affordable – she gives you even more bang for your buck to help you with your checklist creation and beyond.

She gives the following checklist creating bonuses:

Bonus One:
The “Checklist Profits” Checklist

Bonus Two:
101 Ideas For Checklists That You Can Start Creating Today

Bonus Three:
Your Done-For-You, Fill-In-The-Blanks, Checklist Sales Letter Template

Bonus Four:
Case Study: Read Step-By-Step How A Disney-Themed Checklist Set Comes Alive

Bonus Five:
Five Surefire Writing Tips for Creating Effective Checklists That Your Customers Are Sure to Love

Checklist Profits Guide

A Passive Income from Your Checklist Portfolio

Amy's guide is not a fortune, it's only $27. You could realistically earn that back with selling 2-3 of one of your creations depending on what it's price point is. And if you're like me, you don't want to sift through mountains of pages to try and learn something that you're eager to get started on. This guide is easy to read, easy to navigate and certainly NOT overly long.

As you can see I’ve packed a lot of profitable information into this quick read course!
(50-page curriculum and 30 pages of bonuses … everything you need to know without overheating your brain!)

So, you'll be able to begin this weekend if you like! You could make money creating checklists sooner than you could have ever dreamed of!

Amy let me have a peek at the guide, and I was so impressed, that creating these lists for a passive side hustle is on my radar and something I think I would absolutely enjoy. I love creative ways to earn an income.

If you'd like to pick up Amy's Checklist Profits, you can do so here. I wish you success in your “checklist” endeavors! And if you make money creating checklists, I invite you to comment below and share with us what you've created!

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