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Selling Things Online – Close 5 App To Make It Easier

**Their site has been hard to connect to or down a lot lately. Not sure if they are just having growing pains or they are just not strong enough to compete and close to going out of business. I will keep an eye on it.
The Close 5 App states… “List easily. Sell it safer.” This is the motto of the newest trending marketplace website Close5. Ok, so it’s no secret there are plenty of similar sites and apps that are popping up everywhere. However, they all have a different trademark and Close 5’s appears to be safe. The Close 5 app allows you to meet with potential buyers and sellers within a five-mile radius of your home. Let’s explore what makes Close5 worth your time to sell and earn some side cash or to find great deals. (See this big list of places to sell clothes online!)

First I need to mention that Close5 is only available in a limited number of cities — right now (they've added many just recently, so look for more to come!). This company has found a way to bring all the perks of a yard sale to the online world without all the complications. It also eliminates meeting questionable characters like you might find on other sites like Craigslist because they provide public profiles of customers so you know exactly who you are dealing with. Keep in mind it is always a good idea to meet in a public place during the day.

How to Get Started Using Close 5

Before jumping into the Close5 group, download the free app on your smartphone. Next, you can easily create an account or opt to sign in through Facebook. This is a great idea to see friends who are already in the Close5 community. The application will walk you through the process of setting up your profile and answer all your questions. (You might also want to check out my post, Turn Your Clutter Into Cash With Letgo for another way to sell your unused stuff!)

Make Your First Sell

Once your profile is in place you are ready to start selling immediately. Just snap a picture with the camera provided by the app and your items are listed. They don’t require a price or a description. Easy as that! (See this great list of apps to make money and save money!)

If you are using Close5 to buy items, then you walk through the same process. Create a profile and then start browsing the merchandise. When you find something you want to buy, because there are no listed prices, you begin to negotiate directly with the seller. All messages are through a private messaging system so nothing personal will be disclosed.

If you are a seller, then you simply look through the potential buyers and pick the one you want to sell your item to.

Worth the Time or Waste of Effort?

Close5 in my opinion is a super convenient way to sell old and gently used items straight from your phone. If you are looking to earn extra money without having the hassle of shipping or returning merchandise this site is a great choice. It really does simplify the process.

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One huge advantage with Close5 is that you are able to see exactly who you are dealing with before choosing a buyer or a seller. It limits you to an easy 5-mile radius. We’ve all done it, gotten on a yard sale site or craigslist and negotiated the perfect price only to find they live 2 hours away…deal breaker! Close5 ensures that will not happen.

Overall, Close5 seems to have it right, other than they only provide services to a very small area at this time. Look for that to change and then jump in and start earning extra money.

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