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Craftsy Sell Patterns
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Use to Sell Patterns and Earn a Passive Income

When you decide that you’re going to earn your living while working at home, you have to look into various ways that you can eventually earn a passive income. Accepted methods include doing things like joining an affiliate marketing program and writing eBooks. Something else you can try is creating and selling patterns on

How Does Craftsy Works

Handmade crafts and clothing have become really popular over the past few years. Sites like Etsy make it possible for people like you, who have the ability to hand make beautiful crafts with people interested in buying them. takes things a step further. Instead of selling the crafts you make, something which takes time and generates in a single sale, you can convert the pattern you use to a PDF file and sell the entire pattern. Instead of generating a single sale making the craft, you could easily sell 100 or more patterns in a single month. And keep selling them for the rest of your life.
Craftsy Categories
One of the things I really like about selling patterns on is that I can sell patterns for everything. The company has categories that include:
• Knitting
• Sewing
• Quilting
• Paper crafts
• Crochet
• Embroidery
• Jewelry
If I have a pattern that I don’t really think fits into one of these categories, it’s no problem, I simply list it as other.

How Much Money Will You Earn?

The good news about selling patterns on is that there’s no cap to the amount of money you earn. The downside is that it’s going to be difficult to predict your earnings from month to month. My best advice is to post your patterns, but not depend on the income. Use whatever money you earn as bonus money, at least for the first few months you start posting patterns. After the first year, you’ll have a better idea of just how large your earning potential will be.
Craftsy deposits the money from each sale into your PayPal account. Not only does the company not charge you anything to post your pattern, but they don’t charge a commission when it sells.

Getting the Most Out of Each Pattern

Since you’re posting patterns for the express purpose of earning money, you want to make sure you generate as many sales as you possibly can. In addition to makings sure the PDF file you’ve uploaded is perfectly clear and well written, you should also post a high-quality picture of the completed project. Make sure the description has a few keywords threaded seamlessly into it.
Once the pattern has gone live, make sure you share the link with all of your family and friends. Even if they don’t buy the pattern, encourage them to continue sharing the information. is a fun way to potentially earn a little extra money. It’s a great website to work with.

UPDATE: Craftsy is now MyBlueprint:

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