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I hadn't ever really thought about making money on eBay or through auctions until I started talking to some of the people I had bought from at eBay. Our idle chit-chat regarding the item I had purchased would often turn into a conversation about “working at home.” Of course–I LOVE talking about working at home too! I am always fascinated by those who are doing it–and how they are doing it.

So…let's face it–eBay is HUGE. More than huge….it's an entity on the Internet. PayPal.com and eBay are now one in the same. Owned by eBay. This makes the whole shopping and selling experience for all easy, smooth and slick.
I was intrigued by all these folks staying at home and making money on eBay and auctioning off wares of all kinds. How do they do it? Where do they find their auction items? Is it hard to sell? Does it cost a lot? Where do you begin? Making money on eBay is a growing trend that has helped people all over make ends meet.

Bargain Hunters and Flea Market Scavengers are Making Money on eBay

Lets start with the person that just likes to shop around and find unique items and bargains. The flea market shopper that knows a good find when they see it. 9 times out of 10 these folks live to get up on Saturday mornings EARLY and hit the yard sales and flea markets. They set an amount that they will spend and start hunting.
Once they find their “goods” they bring them home–clean them up if needed and then grab their handy dandy digital camera and voila! They are ready to put the item up for auction. A sincere, catchy and truthful description is added and then comes the waiting. Once the item sells–the buyer pays a reasonable shipping cost and the item is sent. Sometimes only a few dollars are made–but that's ok—most that are serious have several auctions going on each week. A few dollars starts adding up. From what most tell me that I talked to–it's addictive! Addictive and prosperous!

Making Money on eBay Full Time

For the serious—“I want a home business and want to quit my day job” folks–it's time to seek out wholesalers or just become super dedicated and organized. There are good wholesale lists to work with and find what it is you want to sell. It might take a sizeable amount of start-up capital to buy a huge lot of product–and there is risk involved if your product doesn't sell. Be careful.

From what I gather, and what I've heard from others using it, SaleHoo seems to be a very legit guide to finding and selling wholesale items. They prescreen the wholesale suppliers – and this is invaluable if you're thinking of throwing away your 9-5 job and starting an eBay business. Buying your inventory from an unmarked semi in a dark alley probably isn't going to be the smartest thing to do. That's why SaleHoo is gaining in popularity. Marketed as a safe community, I've heard only positive feedback on their information.

Finding quality wholesale items you can turn around and actually sell on eBay is how many powersellers are making more than they could ever imagine.

Dropshipping is another way of offering products to sell. Meaning that the wholesaler actually ships the product – you don't. That means no inventory to carry. Some people like that convenience. Dropshipping is becoming popular just for that reason. Who wants to store 1000 fannypacks in their garage?! There are companies out there providing wholesale prices on just about everything, including luxury items like, Luxury Designer Wholesale.

Now if you want to go it alone, that's cool too. Just give yourself time to become acclimated and find a system that works for you. I personally started selling scrapbooking stamps on eBay and at first I was slow as a snail. I was taking pictures with my phone and I can tell you, get a camera — even a cheapo. I'm using a Sony Cybershot that I got used. It's just easier to have it on something separate than your phone. At least for me it is. I try to keep the whole eBay “situation” as separate as possible from anything else I'm doing. Otherwise I can get real confused, real fast. Mainly because I have over 300 stamp sets to sell and creating listings for all of them is…. TIME consuming.

But my thoughts are… these are sitting in storage and they are brand new. I've never used them and never will. I also have a credit card with $1200 on it that I would really love to pay off. So it's a no-brainer for me.

And though eBay can seem overwhelming and intimidating – I don't think anyone should shy away from attempting it.

eBay is truly turning many people just like you and I into success stories. People are able to quit their full time jobs and dedicate time to their new “at home” eBay store. But don't quit your day job ( and the benefits you might be getting with that job like insurance and 401K ) until you're making a steady income! Be smart!

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