Turn Your Clutter Into Cash With Letgo/OfferUp

Letgo & OfferUp App

That Stuff Sitting Around Your House and Garage… Can Mean Cash for YOU

If you are looking for a simple, no hassle way to get of your unused or unwanted things Letgo is a great option. Their simple motto, “Snap, Post, Chat and Sell,” implies that they offer a simple way for people to buy and sell used items in their local area. But is it a potential way to earn some extra cash? Let’s explore how it works to find out.

Getting Started

The first step for users is to download the free Letgo (now combined with OfferUp)  mobile application from the app store for use on any smart phone, tablet or home computer. Letgo (now combined with OfferUp)currently has options available for Apple and Android users. It’s really that simple! (There are so many great apps for selling clothes too!)

How it Works

After users have the mobile app they can search through items one of two ways. Customers can choose to make an account and sign in to search through different categories set up by Lego or you can opt to skip the account sign in and just browse through items near you. As you search, the app shows pictured items, the listed price and the sellers location. This way you can make sure the seller is in an area convenient to you. Once you have selected a piece of merchandise you will be redirected to the seller’s page. Here buyers are given options to ask seller questions, chat and get more detailed information about the product they are interested in.

Make an Offer

While on a sellers page a customer will see a “Make an Offer,” button which gives them the chance to make an official offer to buy the item or they can further negotiate with the seller over the price. Letgo doesn’t get involved in this part of the process and since there is no shipping cost due to local pickup it’s a very simple way to shop.

Costs for Using Letgo

The website and mobile application are completely free and as of right now they do not charge sellers or buyers a fee for use of the site.

Pros and Cons

Obviously a huge advantage to customers of Letgo is the fact that they do not charge any fees. So it would appear a great way to get rid of old things that you no longer use and bring in some extra money. As any of these websites, the amount you make is directly related to how much you sell.

Letgo has in my opinion a big disadvantage in that they provide little to NO customer assistance if a sale goes bad. They offer an email address for customers to launch complaints, but that is all you get in the way of help. Something else to keep in mind is the safety factor of these transactions. Lego’s big concept is local buying and selling, so this means meeting strangers to exchange property and money. Letgo has no safeguards in place for any of these meetings. Always be careful and plan to meet a buyer or seller in a populated area, during the day and preferably not alone.

Refunds at Letgo

Because Letgo is hands off when it comes to the actual exchange of property they also urge people to make sure the product is in good shape before taking it. Unfortunately, Letgo offers no protection in the area of refunds to either buyers or sellers.

Letgo provides a place to post a picture of used items to make some extra money while getting rid of old stuff. For others, it is a place to find some great used items at low prices. It’s basically a large online yard sell. Buyers assume all the risk for an items condition. Letgo (now combined with OfferUp)  does seem to be an efficient, low maintenance way to make some extra cash. Just make sure you do it safely!

Get the Letgo app here.

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  1. @Karen
    Yeah — I have been going through that with some furniture I have listed. They ask questions over and over and then nothing. LOL But I have sold items… so I keep things listed on there.

  2. Karenbobarron says:

    I have had good experiences buying a couple of things using the app. Selling, not so much. A lot of people in my area appear to have nothing better to do than message back and forth saying they want an item, arrange to meet, and not show up. I fail to understand which pleasure center in the brain this feeds.

  3. @Barb
    I’ve not experienced any of that. As a matter of fact, I made a new friend selling with LetGo. No one has been rude or mean, and certainly not vindictive. I can only speak from my experience though. I don’t make anything from writing about LetGo and there are certainly other ways and apps to sell. This is only one. My experience has been good though. I’m really sorry yours has not.

  4. Apps like Letgo are great but my experience has been so-so. People who are seriously searching for deals are few and far between. Many play games, hold up sales with no intention of buying. Many potential buyers are vindictive when they counter-offer and are refused.
    There has to be a better way to sell through free apps.

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