Create Content to Sell or Monetize (Hacks to Make it Much Easier)

Creating Content

Content Creation Can Be Tough

With so much content coming at all of us every day, it's hard to believe that sometimes creating content can be tough. I know as a blogger for almost 20 years now, I hit walls. The idea of branching out and creating content for more than my blog have never seen fruition. It's all I can do to keep things on my blog fresh and new content coming for my visitors. Part of it could be time management. When kids, pets, housework and other obligations take chunks of your time and energy, it's hard to have anything left over for your creative side. Let alone new ventures into that creative side.

That's why this topic is of such interest to me. And I think it will be to my readers as well.

Creative Content? I Don't Want to Blog

Many of you over the years have emailed me and told me that you love the idea of writing and creating ebooks — but you have NO desire to become a blogger. It's one of the reasons I've praised and shared Gina Horkey's course, 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success. Because content is still king of the web — I know for a fact that freelance writing careers can be a realistic goal if you really want it.

That being said — there are other creative pieces that you can create that don't necessarily come from using your own original content. This content is created by others just for repurposing and rebranding.

Content Profit Hacks

Right now you're thinking… how do I make money using other people's content and not get in trouble for stealing or copyright infringement? You also might be thinking, how do I make other people's content my own? Or put my own personal spin on it and make money from it?

That's where Amy Harrup's, Content Profit Hacks comes into play. Amy shared a copy of her ebook with me and I was super intrigued and started reading it right away. Because like I said earlier – even I get burned out creating content. And I'm also, always thinking about ways to create more income for myself and my family. (I've got another kiddo starting college this Fall!!)

Creating (not from scratch)and Profiting

I've been blogging for such a long time, I really thought when it came to content there were about three ways to get your hands on original, unique pieces. 1. Create it yourself (which is what I do 99.9% of the time.) 2. All Guest posts on your blog. (I've only recently opened myself up to this idea and proceed with huge hesitation.) 3. Sponsored posts from outside companies and other blogs. (Not a fan — I avoid it. I want my blog to be my content and cater to my readers.

But after reading Amy's, Content Profit Hacks – it's opened up a lot of possibilities and has my brain somewhat sparked with ideas. And I think it might be of interest to those of you out there that don't like the idea or ongoing responsibility of a blog. It's also great for those that don't consider themselves “writers” but love the idea of creating an ebook or piece that they can sell by rebranding it or repurposing it as their own.

And the best part – you can earn income from selling your creation. Maybe it becomes a best-seller in its niche. Who knows?!

Is It Complicated?

I promise, Amy has it broken down with screenshots and specific guidance. She offers resource sites too in order to help you take those first steps. Sure, you'll need to actually read the ebook and you'll need to do some of the thinking and idea creation for exactly what you're trying to create — but the steps are there. Easy to follow and inspiring for sure.

I was so excited by all the possibilities – that when I followed up with Amy she said I could offer it to my readers for $10 off the entire month of January! Yep, just use the promo code: JANUARY10

You can check out more details here, Content Profit Hacks

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