CashPirate – Earn Cash with That Android Phone of Yours

CashPirate Makes Earning Cash with an Android Phone Fun

So yeah… I'm sad. I don't own an Android phone. I tried an Android phone once about two years ago and LOVED the style and design and ooohhhh the tactile keyboard. Heavenly. But, I'm so used to an iPhone, I just couldn't handle the user interface. I'm just so familiar with the iPhone and being a creature-of-habit, I took the Android back after two weeks.

But, who cares about my sad little smartphone life. Let's talk about you and YOUR Android and how you can earn cash with it using CashPirate!

First let me say that the app is completely free and of course, available at the Google Play shop. After you download the app, you're able to do several tasks in order to earn “coins”. (Yes… dreaded points!) But don't fear, the points can be “cashed in” for gift cards or you can have it go right into your PayPal account.

So what are the tasks?

You'll find this similar to a lot of sites out there that are well established – like InboxDollars, FusionCash and Swagbucks.

You'll earn “coins” doing things like:

* Referring your friends. Yes – sharing the love can help you earn. And they earn off referring other as well. (10% of your referrals coin earnings and 5% of their referrals coin earnings – that's a nice little passive way of earning for sharing!)
* Check out free games
* Watching movie trailers and other videos (ie: commercials)
* Filling out surveys
* There are also product reviews and trial offers
* As well — they add new tasks — so this is not a complete summary

Cashing Out with CashPirate

You've got to have at least 2,500 coins to cash out (this equals $2.50). There are usually Pirate Picks (but there are also cool ways to earn by choosing AdColony and AARKI) and they typically offer the highest payout. It can be a lot easier to earn and cash out with Mintvine or Cashcrate, so if you're struggling, you might add both of these to your cash makers each month.

On some of the websites and forums I visited, I saw members posting about earning $5 a day (I can see making that now and then, but seems impossible to keep that earning pace every day though. Of course, active referrals would bump up earnings – so I won't rule it out altogether.) Most earn $2.50 a day if they really work at it. Though I can't test out the app or really judge how much it makes – it does seem similar to many other programs out there. It reminds me a lot of Viggle in many ways. Viggle offers points for watching TV and listening to music. Then you cash in the points for rewards. I think it's reasonable to say that you could make around 1,000 coins a day ($1) with CashPirate and I think it would take you less than 15 minutes or so to do it. That being said…. as long as there are enough offers, that's $30 a month. Can you say two large pizzas? Or maybe see a movie? Or several fancy cups of coffee?? Heck — throw that mad money into a savings account and leave it! It's $30 for just fiddling around with your phone — and most of us are messing with our phones anyway in line at the store, on breaks from work, sitting in waiting rooms…. why not turn that time into a little moola!? (You might also want to check out the Fronto App, it's a lock screen app that Andriod users can use to earn cash.)

If you've used CashPirate (you little Andriod user you!!) — let me know your thoughts below in the comments. I'd love to hear how it's working for others. Google Play Link 

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