Does Cashcrate Offer Legit Earnings? Is it Safe?

Cashcrate com Review
Cashcrate Review [Is it Legit and Worth Your Time?]

The Best Alternatives to Cashcrate

Update: Cashcrate revamped their membership platform in early 2019. As of 2021, they are basically just a referral/affiliate site and nothing more.  Though Cashcrate is real and the opportunities are real, it's no longer a way to earn like it used to be. Your time would be much better spent using membership sites like Swagbucks or Pinecone Research.

I'll leave my original review below for those still wondering what happened to Cashcrate and how it worked originally.

Should You Add CashCrate to Your Stream of Income?

Cashcrate com is one of the most popular work at home opportunities on the web.  You have probably encountered an ad for it at one time or another, but like any other work at home opportunity, it might sound too good to be true.  What is the real story on CashCrate and is it a legitimate way to make money or just another scam?

What is CashCrate?

CashCrate works with big companies to do market research on a variety of products.  They hire people to take surveys and rate products to give the manufacturers honest feedback to help in their marketing department. It allows members to try a variety of products for free in exchange for honest reviews.

It is reported that members make thousands of dollars each month.  The website gives 70% of its earnings directly to the members. The site was created in 2006 and in it's first six years it grew to over 2 million members!  It now has over 4 million members worldwide! It is free to join and the only stipulation is that you must be at least 13 years old.

How To Use CashCrate

Signing up is free.  You will simply fill out a registration form, providing your name, email address, and mailing address.  This information is confidential so you don’t need to be worried about being added to spam lists from joining. (Interested in seeing how I earn $600 a year for the holidays with programs just like this one? Read Ways to Make Money ($600 a Year!) Online EASILY)

How To Make Money with Cashcrate

There are several different ways that you can generate income.

1. Daily Surveys
Users are allowed to fill out up to nine surveys each day.
2. Special Offers
You can join a trial offer to receive a month of free service to many different companies.  You can cancel it at any time and you enjoy services for free during the limited period when CashCrate pays it in exchange for your review.
3. Cash Back Shopping
CashCrate members receive a percentage of cash back just for shopping with certain retailers.  When you purchase products online at Walmart, Footlocker, or iTunes, you will get cash back rewards, ranging from 1% to 26%.
4. Games for Gift Cards
You can earn points by playing games online.  When you accumulate enough points, you can trade them in for gift cards to Amazon, Walmart, iTunes, and other great online retailers.

How Much Money Will I Make with CashCrate?

Your earnings potential with CashCrate depends on how much time you want to invest.  If you do a lot of daily surveys and trial offers, you can earn a steady part-time income (although it won’t be enough to pay your mortgage!).  For those who actively do surveys and participate in the referral system, they could make up to $500 a month.

While you won’t get rich overnight with CashCrate, you can make it a part of your daily routine to make some extra cash.  Make it a point to do surveys for a few minutes every day until you reach $25.  This first goal will give you the motivation to keep going to make $50, $100, and then $500.

Make More Money with the CashCrate Referral Program

The best way to earn money with CashCrate is through the Referral system.  You can sign up in the member’s area and start climbing up the ranks to become an Elite CashCrate member.

There are five different levels of the referral program.  You will start at the Bronze level and work your way up.  Your earnings will increase as you refer more people.

Here is how it works…

1. Bronze – This is the first level in the referral program.  You will receive 20% of the overall earnings of people you refer and 10% of the earnings of people they refer.
2. Silver – After you reach 50 referrals, you move up to the Silver level.  Now you can earn 25% of the overall earnings of people you refer and 10% of the earnings of people they refer.
3. Gold – You have to reach 150 referrals to hit the Gold level.  Here, you still get 25% commission on your referrals’ sales, but you get 15% from those on the next tier down.
4. Platinum – Once you hit 300 active referrals, you are officially a Platinum member of CashCrate.  Now you earn 30% on the overall sales of people you referred and 15% on the sales of people they refer.
5. Gold – This is the top of the CashCrate totem poll.  Once you hit 500 active referrals, you get 30% commission on first level sales and 20% commission on the second level.

How Do I Get Paid?

CashCrate pays members through check or direct deposit.  You will get paid once per month if you hit the minimum of $20.  Payments are sent on the 15th of each month for earnings of the previous month.  After you start earning more than $100 each week, you can get weekly payments by check or direct deposit.

Make More Money with These Strategies

If you want to make the most money with CashCrate, try these simple strategies.
1. Do Lots of Free Offers
Browse through the free offers every day to see what is available.  Most them only require a quick survey and you can complete them in just a few minutes.
2. Check In Every Single Day
If you are serious about earning money with CashCrate, make it a priority to check the website daily.  You will be rewarded with an extra 3 cents per day for checking in and you will be eligible to complete better offers.  You can also earn around 8 cents per day by watching the daily videos.  These are only about a minute long.
3. Use the CashCrate Toolbar
By installing the custom toolbar from CashCrate, you will get a $1 bonus for completing your first 20 searches.  After that, you can earn 50 cents for every 25 searches.
4. Refer Your Friends
The best way to make money with CashCrate is through referrals.  Put a banner on your blog or tweet about how much you love CashCrate.  Tell your Facebook friends and send an email to your family.

Get the word out and start enjoying those referral rewards.  You will also enjoy a quick $3 bonus each time one of your referrals hits $10 for the first time.
5. Join Monthly Contests
Each month, CashCrate has a new contest for members.  Sometimes it is to see who can complete the most surveys.  Other times it might be who can get the most new referrals.  It changes each month, but the bonuses typically go to the top 30 members and range from $3 to $75.

There are also short contests that last a few hours where they give away gift cards and cash.

The Bottom Line on CashCrate

Is Cashcrate legit or scam? I've absolutely made money. And their longevity speaks volumes. Ultimately, this program isn’t going to help you get rich overnight.  However, it could be a fun way to supplement your income in just a few minutes each day.  There is no harm in trying it.

If you are particularly dedicated and persuasive as an affiliate marketer, your referral income alone could be a nice way to boost your income each month.  Give it a try and see for yourself if CashCrate is right for you.
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**Cashcrate is closing its doors April 1, 2019 after 13 years. They are referring everyone to Swagbucks now — which I use as well and have had great success with.


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