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Pinecone Research Review

PineCone Research: Survey and Samples for Quick Money

Looking for a Pinecone Research review? I'm sharing my experience so far with them. PineCone Research offers participants legitimate opportunities to earn money (points) through online surveys. In essence, you are getting paid just for giving your opinion. Becoming a member is absolutely free and there are never any extra costs that get thrown your way unlike what some other online survey companies often do. What is so nice about Pinecone Research is that you actually get cash in the form of a three dollar check every time you fully complete a survey (they now offer PayPal payments and gift cards too). Other survey companies will give you the chance to win some prizes or money so there is no guarantee that you will get anything for your time. But Pinecone Research always sends its members checks—provided you complete a survey in full.

My Pinecone Research Review and Experience

If you are lucky, you will get maybe one survey every few weeks or months from other survey companies. PineCone Research always has surveys—usually averaging two per month or possibly more.

The three dollar checks you earn with each completed survey arrive quickly. No sooner do you finish the survey then your check is in the mail. The average time is usually two to seven days. If you prefer, you do not have to get the three dollar checks. Recently, Pinecone Research offered payments through PayPal as another option for payment. This method of pay is quicker than mailing out a check and you can watch your money accumulate over time in your PayPal account rather than constantly going to the bank to cash the checks or stockpiling them until you get enough that warrants cashing or depositing them.

The length of most of Pinecone Research's surveys is ten to fifteen minutes which is a lot less than other survey companies where it can take an hour and you are lucky if you see anything worthy of the amount of time you spent completing the survey.

A nice feature that Pinecone Research offers to participants is free samples of products that you test out at home. After a few weeks, you will be asked to complete a survey on the product you used. The samples can be anything from soup and gum to garbage bags and body sprays. So in addition to your three dollars, you are also getting free stuff.

The Cons

When it comes to PineCone Research, there really is not much to complain about—free samples, payment in a timely manner, many opportunities throughout the month. People who sign up with Pinecone Research are pretty happy. But that is the pitfall with them—signing up. Getting into this group is not that easy. They only recruit people a couple times throughout the year. You will need to be on the lookout for those times so you can jump on the opportunity before it is gone. If you know someone who is already a member of Pinecone Research, you may have an advantage and a better chance of getting on board. You can always try to find their sign up link through a Google search, but that is no guarantee that you will be able to join. (I'm sharing my link below.)

Another minor negative is that when you get a survey opportunity from them, you may not qualify to complete it. You will be asked some basic questions before you get to the crux of what the survey is about and if you do not fit the criteria, you will not get a chance to complete the survey so you will not earn any money. Of course, there are those who try to cheat the system (and do) by not answering truthfully, but there is not much that can be done about that. Just do not assume that getting a survey means you will automatically get paid for it.

PineCone Research Review: Is It Worth Your Time?

The answer is a resounding yes. If you do manage to find them during their recruitment times, by all means, sign up. There is no cost to do so and you will not be bombarded with dozens of e-mails from them asking you to upgrade your membership or anything else for that matter. Simply wait for the surveys to arrive and answer away.

Pinecone Research Review Updates:
Pinecone Research has changed over to a point system. For example, 300 points is not equal to $3 — which is the minimum payout and the minimum you'll receive for each survey you do.

So what does changing to a point system mean? You can still get paid cash by using your points toward a PayPal payment. But you can also still ask to be paid with a check. Just remember it has to be processed and mailed. So it's gonna take a little longer.

But they also offer gift cards now too that you can use your points toward. My personal favorites are Amazon and Starbucks. But there are many others.

Pinecone Research Sign-Up Link
*Can take a few seconds if lots of folks are signing up.

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