Basket App (Formerly Stock Up App) Review

Basket App Review

Find What You're Wanting To Buy at The Cheapest Price

The Basket AppStock Up isn’t a work at home opportunity, but it’s an app that makes it possible for you to save money by making sure you pay the lowest possible price for the items you purchase on regular way, and in my book, saving money is almost as good as making money.

How the Basket AppStock Up Works

BasketStock Up has been designed to work with a community of shoppers. Based on information that has been provided by its users, the app provides you with the location that has the lowest price on the product you need. Since the results are provided in real time, you don’t have to worry about whether or not the promotion has ended when you arrive at the store. The app has been designed to process several factors, including;

  • Loyalty discounts
  • Store pricing habits
  • Additional savings
  • Locations

What I Like About the Basket AppStock Up

As soon as I heard about Stock Up I knew I liked the app. The way the app has been designed I not only save money each and every time I go shopping, even if it usually doesn’t add up to more than $5.00 in savings, but I also save a great deal of time that was previously used for things like clipping coupons and using weekly flyers to do some comparison shopping. (You can check out other apps that helps you save or make money here.)

I was delighted to discover that the Basket app is really easy to learn. Once I installed it on my phone, all I had to do was provide my location and start searching for the items I needed. I make it a point to add a few items each week, which is also simple. When I see something I think is a good deal, even if it’s not something I need, I simply take a photo with my phone and add a few key pieces of information. The entire process of entering the item generally takes less than a minute, provided I get a good 3G signal in the store.

My One Concern

The only concern I have regarding the Basket app is that people who live in rural areas where there might not be many people participating in the program might find that there isn’t much information that pertains to their shopping area.

Final Thoughts on Basket App

If you like saving money but hate pouring over weekly sales flyers, the Basket app is for you. The amount of time, money, and frayed nerves you save yourself quickly adds up. I just encourage you to make sure you’re also giving back to the Basket community and make sure you enter a few items each week. The only way the app will work is if everyone does their part and participates.

The Basket AppStock Up works on both iPhones and Android based mobile devices. The Basket App

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