How to Get Cash Back for Receipts You’re Throwing Away!

Cash for Receipts
“You could literally get cash for receipts on items you've purchased and completely forgotten about! I did!”

How I Snagged $34 in Cash for Reciepts Using Old Amazon Emails

At first, I was super skeptical and hesitant. I admit it. Well… I'm always skeptical and hesitant actually! I've been researching how to make money, save money and work at home for 15 years and I've seen some real STINK-Os out there. So I go into everything with a little bit of “yeah right?!”. It's a good thing though. Trust me.

So I was approached by a company called Paribus. They told me all about how others are getting cash back from things they've bought. I was intrigued. They told me that their program scans your email inbox, or a folder in your inbox (where you keep receipts) and looks for price matches, reductions, sales, cashback offers and all kinds of other money-back offers that shoppers like me might have missed out on.

Lucky for me — I buy from Amazon A LOT. I buy from lots of other places too — but Amazon is a mainstay for me. I keep all of my online shopping receipts in a folder under PERSONAL. Most of them, like I said were Amazon receipts, but I had several others too. To name a few, Kavu, Staples, JCPenney and REI. I let Paribus do its thing — which took a few hours. (I have receipts dating back 10 years ago!! I'm not sure why I never cleared some of that stuff out!)

Lo and behold – I snagged $34! Say what? Yep. My Amazon purchase receipts snagged me $34! One price drop was $15 alone! And who goes back and checks price guarantees? I don't. But retailers like Amazon offer price guarantees. Paribus has MANY other participating retailers, not just Amazon.

Here are a few:

Best Buy
New Egg
Old Navy

Amazon alone has over two million price changes a day! And Paribus states that over 15 BILLION in refunds EVERY YEAR are never even claimed. My $34 was part of this 15 million. And to be honest – like I said before, I never go back and check for price changes. It never even dawned on me to do that. And to get real — I don't have the time to fill out claims to get cash for receipts that I may or may not have misplaced.

What Does Paribus Get Out of This?

I knew you'd ask — because you're like me. No company is going to do this wonderful favor for us for nothing. Paribus charges a commission for finding your awesome refunds each month. They charge 25% of whatever the refund amount is that you get. So say you get a $10 refund – Paribus is going to retain $2.50 of that and you get the remaining $7.50. But hey… that's $7.50 you did not have before. (See more money making and money saving apps that you NEED to check out!)

Now — if you're thinking… ewww, no — I'm not giving them 25%. I understand. AND — Paribus has a remedy for that — referring your friends, family and others. If you refer five new members, there is NO commission charged. Oh– and your first claim is free of any commission. It's 100% yours, just like my $34! (Which I've decided to put right into my savings account since I was not expecting it at all!)

Now – Let's Talk About Privacy and Security

I was thinking the same you're thinking right now. “Give someone access to my email?” and “Give them my credit card number to charge me 25% commission?” Yes. Again – this can raise an eyebrow. BUT – Paribus can't find refunds for you without access to your email and it can't pay itself it's “finder's fee” without some form of payment from the user.

I get this. But with over 250,000 members within their first 10 months… I'd say there is a pretty safe bet that your emails and credit card info are safe. And to, even more, solidify what Paribus does — those 250,000+ members have been refunded over 510 million in the last 10 months! That could mean A LOT OF MOOLA being left on the table that belongs to YOU and ME.

Final Thoughts on Paribus

I steer clear of anything sketchy. And I research as much as I can. But Paribus's numbers don't lie — so I went for it and happy I did. I do almost every bit of my shopping online. I've even gotten into buying all my household paper products and pantry items online. Every bit of my holiday shopping is done online and has been done online for over 10 years. This is an absolute no-brainer for me. I feel like everyone could at least use one scan to see what comes up because there aren't many people I know that don't shop online. I even told my Mom to try it…. and I wouldn't if I didn't think it was safe. I'll continue to monitor my refunds and share updates. But for now – I am $34 richer and happy about it!


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