Checkout 51 Review [You’re Literally Throwing Money Away!]

Checkout 51 Review

Checkout 51 Review

In addition to spending time looking for great ways to earn a good income while working out of your home, you should also look into options that allow you to save some of your hard-earned money. Checkout 51 does just that. (I've already earned $442.59 using the ibotta app JUST for groceries.)

What is Checkout 51?

Checkout 51 is a program that works with manufacturers to help them increase sales. If you purchase a particular item, such as a specific brand of baby carrots, a pre-determined amount of money, often between $0.20 and $1.00 will be deposited into your account.

The program updates every Thursday morning, just in time for you to save on your weekend purchases.

What I Like About Checkout 51

Honestly, there isn’t much I don’t like about Checkout 51. Unlike similar programs which only work if you have a smartphone, Checkout 51 doesn’t require that. You simply have to use your computer and scanner to upload your receipt and you’re good to go. Once you’ve uploaded the receipt it will take about 24-48 hours for the money to appear in your account.

The great thing about Checkout 51 is that the deals go with products. You’re allowed to shop anywhere you like, and you’ll be able to use the program with sales the store is running.


The way things are currently set up, you’ll get a check each time you’ve accumulated $20 in your account. While this might seem like a lot when you’re getting started, I can tell you, it adds up more quickly than you imagine. Depending on what you purchase, you can reasonably expect to get at least one check, or more, a month. When you reach $20.00 you have the option of letting your balance continue building, or you can cash out.

Since Checkout 51 only sends checks and doesn’t use Paypal, you will have to provide them with your actual mailing address, though you can wait to do this until after you’ve reached a point where you can check out. Once they have mailed your check, you should get it in less than 2 weeks.

Getting the Most Out of Checkout 51

The only way that Checkout 51 will help you save money is if you only use it for the products you really need. There’s no point in purchasing something you don’t actually need because you’ll earn $0.50. The good news is that they have a wide range of products, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding at least one item on each week’s list that you need to purchase. Sign up for Checkout51 or learn more by going here.

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