Review – Make Money Answering Questions on Your Cell

Rewarder is Another Money Making App for Your Cellphone

There is hardly a week that goes by that I don't hear about a new app for your smartphone that vows to make you money. Some have panned out (iBotta) and some, not so much (Staree).

But they always seem interesting and I am always game for trying an app out to see if it has potential. But first things first, what exactly is It's an app for iPhones right now. I did not see any information on a version being available for android phones. If I am wrong – please let me know in comments section below.

The app is easy to install and doesn't take a lot of memory on your phone. The app itself has a friendly user interface.

How Do You Make Money with

In the simplest terms – you answer questions. People will post questions and offer a “reward” for the best answer. So it's pretty much like Yahoo Answers if you've ever used it – only instead of typing up a great answer and basically getting nothing but rep for it, you get rep and paid.

Most payments are between $2 and $5 and there are currently (according to their website), over $14 MILLION in “rewards” to be earned. That's a lot of MOOLA! That means there are a lot of chances for you to make money. (You might enjoy using a site like Crowdtap too. You can earn rewards giving feedback, doing “missions” or taking polls.)

The cash out minimum is only $5 and they pay via PayPal.

How Can I Make the Most Money with

There are two ways to really up the earnings. The first is, of course – answer questions well and have your answers picked as the best. Not only do you get paid for this – but the more your answers are picked as the best, the more expertise you gain and that ups your “reward” as a whole. So maybe you start at $2 for an answer, but really get your expertise ranking up – now you're making $4 an answer.

Be sure to answer questions QUICKLY. That way you get the chance to answer before the question is closed.

Of course, you can earn on referrals as well. I also always think this is nice, because spreading the word about a program, event, service, product — SHOULD be rewarded. You're basically giving them cheap/free exposure. So I think it's nice when they offer referral rewards. will pay you 10% of future earnings of anyone you refer.

Tips on Being the Best Expert You Can Be

My best tip is to fill out all your “expert” info. I know it's a pain sometimes to fill out online profiles or forms – but this will benefit you. Those will optimal profiles will indeed seem more expert-like and professional. So add a photo and as much info as you feel comfortable adding.

Always check the newest rewards section. This will keep you in the loop and allow you answer questions in your area of expertise quickly.

I've seen questions for $2 and questions for $20 — so the potential to earn is there. Examples of areas of expertise are:
Entertainment and Arts
Hobbies and Collectibles
Food and Drinks
Health and Lifestyle

…and many others.

Bottom Line

I installed the app, signed up via my Facebook login and picked my areas of expertise within 1-2 minutes. Literally. Just looking through the questions at first glance — I see three that I can answer right now, worth a total of $12. That's more than most people make an hour. So I am definitely giving this a shot – I recommend you do too!
**Unfortunately, they closed their doors in August 2014. Please see my list of other sites where you can make money online answering questions.

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  1. @Syd
    I tried to go through their blog and the app store and it just times out. I’m not sure if they are updating their site or if they are no longer offering their app. I have reached out and trying to get info.

  2. What am I doing wrong? I plugged rewarder into the search in the app store but got some kind of allowance app for kids

  3. Brandy Morrow says:

    I finally made some money off of rewarder, downside is they pay through square cash which I know nothing about. They want your bank account info which I hate to give out really wish they would pay with paypal.

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