Cash4Books Review [Selling Books for Cash? Is it Legit?]


Selling Books for Cash? Yep – You Can Right From Home

Selling books isn't exactly an online job, or a way to work at home – or is it? Considering I have about 150 books in my basement – I might be able to make good money if I could find a way to easily sell them. That's the catch – “an easy way to sell them”. You can always have a yard sale – and I've done that – but if that's not an option, or you want a super simple way to turn books into cash – I have some info for YOU.

For those thinking about selling books (or even buying them!), there are many websites out there for college students or avid readers. Cash4books is another one of those sites. As a trusted online book buyer, Cash4Books is operated and owned by This company is located in Beaverton, Oregon. It started as a local company with a handful of employees. The company created Cash4Books in order to provide people with a safe, secure, simple, and convenient method for selling books in confidence and to in turn receive instant quotes for the price, as well as fast payments, and customer service which is exceptional.

Selling Books Online

Since the year 2004, Cash4Books is has been a trusted buyer for quality used books. The company has already purchased over 1.4 million books. The books have been purchased from over two hundred thousand customers selling their unwanted books. The services range from college textbooks sold to and from college students, as well as fiction and non-fiction, hardcover and paperback books to everyday people. (See my post, Ways to Make Extra Cash Online & Offline Right Now! for tons of ways to make some extra cash!)

Cash4Books focuses on adding value to each of their customers. They do this through five major values. The first is de-cluttering. This means they help their customers remove clutter from their desks and their bookshelves. Customers should set goals as to which books they want to get rid of and then begin selling. The next value is recycling. If customers want to remove any used books from their house, they should recycle them. This respects the environment and keeps things green. There are plenty of other people out there who will find value in your used books.

The third value is understanding and respecting that each customer is busy and that is why their process has been streamlined so that it is as fast as possible. This means that when books are sold, they are sold fast and payment is received just as quickly. By keeping it simple, the Cash4Books Company removes the complication from the website and the selling process, leaving just the basics to selling books, shipping them for free, and getting cash. Cashback for old books is easily received through PayPal or by check, leaving it back in your pocket.

Cash4Books is Committed

In order to demonstrate their commitment to their customers, Cash4Books strives for outstanding customer service as well as business practices which are nothing short of excellent, as demonstrated through their membership to the Better Business Bureau. The company can be researched by clicking on the BBBOnline logo located on their website. Media coverage is also available on the website, showing videos and articles about the company and their excellence. Through their customer service department, answers to any questions are given by email or phone.

Their payment department works full time and issues payments five days per week. There are automated emails which keep their customers informed of the purchasing process each step of the way. Logging in to the customer account keeps status updates on the sold books available at all times.

Selling Books Using Your Smartphone

They've even introduced a very cool phone app that allows you to scan the ISBN of your books easily and see what it would sell for! I just scanned a whole stack of books with my iPhone and found out that I could make $57! They provide a pre-paid shipping label that I just print out. I can place the books in a sturdy box (Make sure it's sturdy!! Books are heavy!) and just ship it.

Talk about easy.

So it's not exactly a work at home job – but since we're all looking to pay the bills and keep our heads above water, this might be a way to do just that. We have so many books in our basement – and normally I put them in a yard sale or donate them. But Cash4Books might be a way to really earn some cash for them. After all… books aren't cheap and it would be nice to have them do something besides collect dust and take up space all over the house. Selling books has never been so easy and profitable! Get started by going to the Cash4Books official website here.

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  2. Have you thought about reselling ebooks? Or creating your own ebooks to sell? With Kindles and Nooks… I think that would be a great idea.

  3. But where do you get good books to sell? that’s my problem, when you go to a lot of these places they won’t buy your books because they aren’t the ones they are looking for. i sell book son amazon but don’t get many bites because they aren’t the popular books and how do you get those or keep your stock up?

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