GoodRX App Review (Stop overpaying for your prescriptions!)


Obviously, we're all looking for ways to make money – but it's important to look for ways to save money too. After all, every dime you save is a dime not spent, or a dime that can be allocated to anywhere from an emergency fund using something simple like the Trim app or any other savings method you currently use.

And if you're like me – you wanna save as much money as you can. That's why, when I was at the dermatologist two days ago and she handed me a GoodRX card, I was intrigued. I have issues with acne and sometimes when using products like Finacea (which can cost OVER $300!) even with insurance — it can be discouraging. I wanna keep the acne under control, but I can't really justify spending $300 on “acne cream”. (BTW – the new generic of Finacea makes my face super angry, so it's not an option.)

My dermatologist raved about GoodRX and told me to always refer to it before filling ANYTHING. I was tickled to find out there wasn't just a card, but an easy to use, convenient app too!

GoodRX Mobile App

How Does GoodRX App Work?

I read a long thread on reddit about how discount cards like GoodRX work. It was a lot to read over and you can read it yourself here, but the basic jest is that PBMs, or Pharmacy Benefit Managers negotiate lower prices on prescriptions. Some of these prescriptions can be grossly overpriced in the first place. GoodRX earns its money from sending the pharmacy a customer and receiving a portion of what the discounted price of the prescription ends up being. This is obviously super simplified. And there are pros and cons with anything.

However, ultimately, if you are able to save money on medicines you need then it's a good thing. This is especially true for folks that have monthly prescription costs. I know for my Mom, who's had breast cancer not just once, but TWICE – her meds can be extremely expensive. As well, the chemo she was given damaged her heart – so she has even more meds for that. This was a perfectly healthy woman, who was only 50 when she found out she had cancer the first time and 60 when the cancer came back in in the scar of the original mastectomy!

We never plan on getting sick, we don't like having acne covering our faces — but ya know, life happens… bodies aren't perfect. And having the added stress of costly prescriptions certainly doesn't make matters any better.

GoodRX Savings Card (if You Don't Wanna Use the App)

Speaking of my Mom (love you Mom!) — she does not own a smartphone. And at 76-years-old, I don't know if she ever will. She could care less about it. If you or family members don't own a smartphone, you can still just keep the card in your wallet. I got mine from my dermatologist as I said earlier. And when I had to take my daughter to urgent care recently, I noticed they had GoodRX cards right on the check-in desk. So, I'm thinking they are readily available, but you can also request one on the GoodRX website. There is an easy to fill out form.

GoodRX Card

Saving Money with GoodRX

If saving money is important to you, then I would certainly download the GoodRX app or order one of their discount cards to keep in your wallet. And share with family members or friends that appreciate saving too or may be in a situation where savings is not just a perk, but a necessity.

Grab the app for iPhone here!

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