Microsoft Rewards for Using Bing (Earn gift cards and more!)

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Earning Rewards for Using the Bing Search Engine

Most of us don’t give much thought to the search engine we’re using provided it helps us easily find the information we’re seeking. However, one search engine, Bing, does more than simply help you find information. You can use Bing to earn some pretty great rewards.

How Hard is it to Earn Microsoft Rewards?

Bing hasn’t made earning rewards difficult, the only thing you have to do is use the program each time you run an internet search. After registering with the search engine you earn 5 points for each search, up until you’ve reached 50 points. As you earn points, your Bing status improves and you can earn even more. And yes, you will be able to earn using mobile search too.

There are daily “tasks” you can do like quizzes or checking out images. For instance, I browsed “take your dog to work” images and they were adorable. And I earned points for doing it.

You can also earn additional points (and typically snag points in bigger amounts) by shopping too. You'll earn 1 point for every $1 you spend for: XBOX, Windows or anything in the Microsoft store. (You might also find iRazoo cool too. You can earn rewards like Amazon cards using their search engine too.)

You’ll be surprised by how quickly the points add up. Be sure to set a “Reward Goal”. I always have mine set to $5 Amazon cards – but they have other gift cards like XBOX too.

The One Thing I Could Do Without

While I really dislike the fact that Bing has put a cap on the number of points I can earn on any given day, I sort of understand where the company is coming from. I’m sure there are several people in the world who would simply do one random search after another over and over again for no other reason than to get ahold of one of the Amazon gift cards, but on the other hand, 50 points a day really isn’t very many points. While I’m not opposed to the cap system, I do wish it were a bit higher, like 100 or 150. That's one reason why I spend a bit more time on reward sites like Mintvine and Crowdtap — it's just easier to rack up points.

A $5 Amazon gift card is 5000 points — so a boost to the cap would be awesome.

An Added Bonus

When I first started to use Bing, I was a little skeptical. I liked the idea of being rewarded for all the internet searches I did, but I was also worried that the search engine would turn out to be terrible. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s a high-quality search engine and I have no trouble using it to find the information I need. I truly don’t understand why it’s not as popular as Google. It should be.

You shouldn’t expect to earn a lot of money while using Bing, but I urge you to sign up. Personally, perform several internet searches every single day and it’s nice to be rewarded for the time.

Here's the link to sign up for Microsoft Rewards.

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