SliceThePie Review – Is it Legit & Worth Your Time?

Slice the Pie Review

Listen to some music and get your “slice of the pie” by being paid.  This opportunity has extra appeal because you can listen to music while doing dozens of other tasks.  It makes it possible to increase your income without changing much of your lifestyle or draining your time.  Despite how effortless it seems, I had to wonder if it was all too good to be true.  The purpose behind Slice the Pie is to give musicians a chance to try out their music and gauge the public’s response.  Listeners give feedback to music artists in exchange for payment.

How Slice the Pie Works for Reviewers

SliceThePie begins the process by recruiting new music artists to sign up.  The musician can upload three tracks for scouts (that’s you and me!) to listen to.  As a scout, you are responsible to listen to the song for a minimum of one minute and then write a constructive review.  Your review has to be about the length of a Tweet (140 characters), at least 100 characters.  You will rate the song on a scale from 1-10 in different categories.  In exchange for this one minute listen and 100 character review, you will be paid somewhere between .02 and .20.

There’s Got To Be a Catch to Slice the Pie, Right?

Well, sort of.  You can’t just publish generic comments as reviews.  There has to be more to it than just “Loved your music” or “Your voice rocks”.  You have to really put a little thought into it and give good constructive feedback.  Otherwise, your piece of the pie will quickly be chopped!  Slice the Pie rates scouts for their reviews using some top secret algorithm.  If your ratings are high, you make more money for each review.  If they are low, your slice of the pie will be quite small.  At the end of the day, all of the scouts’ reviews are compiled for the musician to look at.  They will then analyze whether the song has any potential to make it in the mainstream music world. ( See my post, Ways to Make Extra Cash Online & Offline Right Now! for tons of cool ways and ideas for making extra cash.)

How Much Can I Earn Reviewing Music for Slice the Pie

If you want a slice of the music review pie, you can sign up for free.  Once you are in, you can select your favorite music genres and avoid the ones you can’t stand at all.  Then you go into your virtual “Scout room” where you listen to a song and write a quick review.  Slice the Pie never tells you the name of the artist you are hearing before you do a rating.  After your review is finished, you will be given the artist and song title.  You’ll also have the chance to “tip” the musician if you feel particularly warm and fuzzy over their music.  This is optional, which is a good thing since at .20 per review; you might not have a huge tipping budget to work with.

Slice the Pie Is Fun, But Low Earnings

You don’t have to be the next Simon Cowell to be successful at Slice the Pie.  You just have to be a tiny bit creative and have a really basic understanding of what makes music good.  Things like lyrics, pitch, harmony, instrumentals, and other aspects of the music world will come in handy when you need to write a great review.  Once you are an active scout, you will get paid through PayPal.  You must have $10 in your account before Slice the Pie releases payment and it usually processes within 5 days.

All in all, Slice the Pie is a fun opportunity for music lovers.  You won’t get rich overnight, but it might buy you a few cups of coffee. You could possibly combine it with one of the other work from home opportunities and multitask your way to a larger income stream. You can sign up here.

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  1. Angela0519 says:

    One thousand percent agree with Lucifer’s consensus that the site is a scam. I used the site sparingly for over a year, then as soon as I reached what was needed to cash out, they locked my account and claimed I was in violation of some proxy rule. Nothing had changed in the way I was accessing their site – same computer, same settings every single time. They would not tell me how to fix it or explain the issue further. I tried on my own, as well as Apple online support gurus, for hours, and I was told by Apple that it is impossible to be in violation of proxy settings because all of my settings are turned off. I now can get no further response from the company, and the last one received was that I have already been warned about my violation and they recommend I cease using their site.

  2. I personally love Slice the Pie. If I’m having a bad day at one of my other W@H sites, I will sometimes spend a whole day just reviewing music there. You can actually earn around $2 a session and do 10-11 sessions per day. It’s fun and easy once you figure out what they are looking for.
    I do want to point out that you DO need to know a LITTLE about music if you want to make anything more than 2-5 cents per review. They scan for certain words in reviews. It’s these words that let you earn 17-20 cents per review.

  3. Money Making Mommy says:


    Thank you for sharing your experience :-)

  4. I’ve cashed out once on SlicethePie and received my payment within five business days. I didn’t have any trouble cashing out, but they do have activity points that can help you move up levels and earn more per review. I suspect that my points were decreased while I was still active on the site. I still write reviews for them every now and then, but focus my efforts elsewhere. I wouldn’t call it a scam.

  5. Money Making Mommy says:

    This is the first I have heard that SlicethePie isn’t legit? Maybe we can get a rep for SlicethePie to comment and clear this up.

  6. Lucifer Divinitas says:

    This site is a scam. Once you get near the $10 payout. They lock your account claiming you violated their term & conditions. Don’t waste your time and effort.

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