MintVine Surveys Review (Now Branded Surveys)

“Mintvine by far has been one of the easiest ways for me to earn cash month after month online. Full review.”

MintVine (Now Branded Surveys)Is Making It Easy To Cash in on Surveys

This is my MintVine Update.

I think about all of us have tried online surveys. We have our lists of surveys we like and the ones that we can really earn with. I know I do. And I can honestly say, I try to give them all a chance. But some just don't pan out. But you just don't know unless you try.

Just like MintVine — it's a newer kid on the block in the world of online surveys. I wrote a full review on MintVine here. And I've stuck with it for several months and I have to say, it's one of the easiest survey sites I've ever tried. You earn points for surveys and the points are converted into cash or gift cards. I always take cash and I choose Paypal. So the money is just plopped right into my Paypal account. It does take a few days to approve the payment. BUT — I have always been paid.

Today I just cashed out and it's for a whopping $95!!

Mintvine Payout

Now – like I said, it will take a few days to approve, I cashed out on the 26th – usually within 5-7 business days.

Isn't It Hard to Accrue Points?

Honestly, that's the best part. So I had 9,700 points. And it really didn't take me long to earn those. I do want to say, that about 1,500 of those point were from referrals (you can earn 50 points each time a referral completes their first survey + 15% (in points) of any surveys they do from then on)– but the rest were just me taking surveys. For instance, I got an email today letting me know there is a survey waiting for me that will earn 450 points! That's almost $5 right there. When you consider that every 100 points is a $1 — you can see where this can add up. So I'm almost halfway to 1000 points, which is $10!

Sample Mintvine Survey Invitation

Now are all the surveys going to be almost 500 points? No – of course not. But on the 26th (you can see in the image with my pending cash out) — I did a survey for 235 points! I do the daily poll as well. You get 5 points for each one and you do 10 in a row and you get a 25 point bonus. That's an easy 75 points right there.

I'd say that most of the surveys I take are around 60 points. I've never taken one that requires more than 20 minutes.

One More Cool Thing About MintVine

MintVine allows anyone to join that is 13 years or older. Yes – 13! Now — this is with parental consent. PLEASE keep that in mind. But my 14 year old signed up and she's earned a few gift cards (she doesn't have a PayPal account). I just think it's kind of nice that they allow teens to participate. Even if it's just a $5 Starbucks card or something, it lets them have something that they've earned and worked for.

No – We're Not Gonna Get Rich, But…

As always — when it comes to surveys, this isn't going to be a replacement income for a full time job. No. Don't' quit your day job. Sometimes there are lots of surveys and sometimes there aren't. As well — you can click on a survey and take the initial questions for qualification purposes and not qualify. So yeah, that happens. You spend a few minutes answering those questions for nothing. Hate that.

Branded Surveys Mintvine

But – all and all I have been really happy. I never really stay with a program if I can't earn around $30 a month. And this has been very consistent, so I am sticking with it.

MintVine Sign Up (Now Branded Surveys)

Update from 12/1/16
After I cash out for $51 in December, I will have earned over $1,500 for the year of 2016!

Update from 10/4/2016
Honestly – I continue to be super thrilled with Mintvine. I have never had payment issues and the points add up so quickly. I try to never cash out unless I have at least $50 or more. But as you can see, I had $62 and I am absolutely thrilled because I am a gamer and I use a Razer Orochi mouse and I am needing a new one (or at least a backup one). I am hard on my gaming mouse, so I worry about it just breaking in the middle of raiding. So this is enough to buy one on sale at Best Buy! WOOT!


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