Online Jobs for Teens – Make Money Online as a Teenager

“Online jobs for teens that allow them to earn money right from home.”

Online jobs for teens.
For many of us, staying at home has become the new normal. Even “going” to school has meant being at home. And with all this “home” time, many kids are asking how to make money online as a teenager and turn idle time into cash.  Think of all the kid business ideas that have been successful through the years. The age of the entrepreneur grows younger and younger all the time.

Just like the gig economy has changed the workplace and work hours for so many of us, teens wonder if there is more than flipping burgers to earn spending money or save for college.
The answer is yes. There are indeed online jobs for teens.

The list below is filled with ways to make money as a teen, right from the comfort of their room. Teens can actually pocket more of their earnings, instead of having to fill their gas tank to commute to their job. Many of the online jobs for teens listed below offer flexibility with schedules too. So, working around classes and school work is easier.

Best Online Jobs for Teens

These are broke down by age groups to help navigate the options better. However, you will find that most of these jobs won't require a special skillset or education requirements. There are even legitimate options for teens as young as 13 to make money online – but we highly recommend getting a parent or guardians permission before starting, just to be safe and upfront about your online venture into money making.

Below you'll find all the ways for teens to make money at home. These jobs won't require a special skillset or education requirements. There are even legitimate options for teens as young as 13 to make money online – but we highly recommend getting a parent or guardians permission before starting, just to be safe and upfront about your online venture into money making.

Those teens that are older, from 16 to 18 will have more options to earn money online as a teenager. There will also be a list of side hustles for teens, if that interests you as well.

Online Jobs for 13 Year Olds

How can a 13 year old make money online? If ambitious enough, and put in a bit of time, the websites below will happily pay a 13 year old to participate in their online surveys. As a matter of fact, these surveys should be considered by not just 13 year old teens, but 14 and 15 year old teens too!

1. Paid ViewPoint

Though I'm certainly not 13, I have been earning with Paid ViewPoint for years. I've had more that $500 deposited straight into my PayPal account. The surveys are short and in many ways fun. You will sometimes get to weight in on commercials and products that the general public hasn't even seen yet. (See my review on Paid ViewPoint.)


2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie has been around for years. It's another online survey site that will make payments to you right into your PayPal account. Survey Junkie allows you to earn points and these points can be converted into cash.


3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks us certainly a go to for not just myself, but many of my blog readers. It's been a staple for gift cards, including cash cards for PayPal or cash debit cards from Visa and Mastercard. Just doing the daily to do list on Swagbucks, playing online games and taking their surveys can keep your redeemable points going. Then you decide on what to spend them on.


how to make money as a 16 year old online

Online Jobs for 16 Year Olds

So, not only can 16 years old sign up for the sites above, there are additional ways for these teens to earn online.

1. Toluna

Toluna mixes it up a little bit by offering two types of surveys. So, depending on how much time you have, you can knock a short survey out or dig into a longer one which means an average of 15 minutes.


Online Jobs for 17 Year Olds

Not quite 18, many 17 year old teens are looking for ways to making money online. Most are driving at this age and would love extra money for gas, clothes and eating out with friends. Not only can they earn with the previously mentioned ideas, but also the ideas below.

1. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is exactly that, a place to give opinions. And they will let anyone 17 and up sign up free and start giving their opinion via their surveys.


Ways for Teens to Make Money

We've covered a few easy online jobs for teens with surveys, but what other opportunities are out there for teens.

Teens Can Sell Clothes (and other stuff!) for Cash

There really is an app for everything! And there are several apps that make it possible to sell your clothes and other things online that you no longer need or want. Of course, I would never advocate meeting someone in person alone to sell something. Always put safety in the forefront when it comes to selling anything. Never give out personal information.

– Create your closet and start selling. You decide the price. This means all kinds of different brands. Having unique personal style that you showcase can catapult your sales.

– The great thing about Mecari is that it's not just clothes. I've seen phone cases, gaming headsets, toys and more. Clear out your clutter using this easy to use app.

– The dinosaur of online selling. Sellers and buyers know it's legit and just about anything can be put up for bidding.

-What I love about ThredUp is they take the hassle out of selling and decluttering. Ready to get started? They'll send you an empty bag that you can toss everything into that you'd like to get rid of (clothing, handbags, shoes) – and sell it for you. Obviously, they can't guarantee everything will sell, and they do take a portion of your earnings (you keep 80%) — but they also take on the bulk of the work.

ASOS Marketplace
– I feel like everyone loves having that one retro or vintage piece in their closet. And that's the focus of ASOS. They do keep 10% of your profits, but it's a great place to sell those unique items.

The RealReal
– Want your pristine, quality items to sell fast? This a great one to try. They even accept jewelry and some home decor items. Sellers get to keep 85% of their profits.

Crossroads Trading
– Similar to Platos Closet in some ways — as they have physical locations across the United States. However, Crossroads Trading will allow you to ship your items to them in them in a prepaid bag. This will cut into your profits by 50% — but the ease of it makes it worth it. The stuff is lying around your house taking up space earning your nothing right now.

– Have some nice handbags sitting around collecting dust? Here's where to sell band name bags. They do charge a commission fee. It's $7.50 for anything $50 or less and 19.8% of anything above $50.

Buffalo Exchange
-Like Crossroads Trading, there are physical stores and they allow you to request a prepaid bag too. They also offer options on payout. You can receive a store credit at 50% or request a check or PayPal payment at 30% payout.

-High end handbags, watches and accessories.

Online Writing Jobs for Teens

Writing is a form of expression and teens are notorious for expressing themselves. There are many ways for teens to earn right from home by freelance writing online. Below there are several ways for teens to earn doing freelance writing.
– Freelancer allows people from all over the world, of all different ages to bid on work. This work covers a lot of area from programming to website design to writing.

– You need to be 18 to create an account, but Upwork offers all kinds of work at home positions, including writing, editing and copywriting.

– Teens that are 17 and older can sell their original stories and content. Create an account, upload your story and choose the price you're willing to sell it.

Start a Blog (Step by Step Guide)
– Lots of teens have already started their own blog. It's easier than you might think.
Side Jobs for Teens

Teens Can Earn Online Testing Websites

Most of the sites below require the age of 17 or 18 — but it's a way to earn just by testing out the usability of a website. Payment varies.

– They will pay $10 per test.
– They pay $10 or more per test .
– They pay for any verified bur reported for websites and apps that are offered up for testing.
– They accept testers 13 years old and up. They are looking for website function, navigation and content feedback.
– Website and app testing.
– Got 15-20 minutes to spare? Giving feedback is easy. Participate in studies remotely, on your schedule, from your home or on the go, using your own device.
– Help game developers learn more about what players think about their games and if there are any issues that need to be addressed.
– They pay anywhere from $10 to $140 per “focus group” or survey.
– Test the latest apps, websites, and games, and get paid for every issue you find.
– You do have to be at least 18 years old, but they pay $21 per test.

Easy Online Microtask Jobs for Teens

Microtasks or crowdsourcing has been around for awhile. Taking big projects and turning them into bite sized pieces is where the work comes from. Though this isn't a way to make tons of money, teens can earn cash online doing microtasks. Below are several sites that offer microtasking jobs that teens can do online to make money.

Amazon Mechanical Turk
Field Agent

Teens Can Review Music Online and Earn

Like most people, teens love music. Discovering new artists and music that no one has heard yet or that has hit mainstream is something many teens revel in. That's where reviewing music online can not only be a fun gig for teens, but a way to earn extra cash too. It's win-win!

Slice the Pie
– The more you listen, the more you'll be paid. You can cash out at $10. Each listen will earn about .02 to .20 cents, the higher end comes into play as your listener rating gets better.

Other Ways to Make Money at Home as a Teenager

Do you have ideas for how teens can make money online? Feel free to use the contact form and let me know! I'll be sure to research it and if it fits here, I'll add it as a resource for teens.

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