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Dictate Express
“Dictate Express offers work at home transcription jobs worth checking out.”

What You Should Know About Dictate Express

One of the first things I tell people when they ask for advice about working at home is that they shouldn’t rely on a single source of income. You need to be able to do a variety of jobs; that way if one source of income dries up, you will still be able to pay your bills.

In addition to things like copywriting, editing, and data entry work, you should also turn to companies like Dictate Express and try some transcription work. (You might want to check out my post, Online Transcription Jobs That You Can Do From Home for more great options.)

Working for Dictate Express

I’m fairly new to Dictate Express, but so far I’m very happy with the results. Granted, the files I’ve been translating have been a little dry and there are moments when the work has been tedious, but the audio files I’ve been transcribing have been clear. Overall, I’ve been able to complete the work quite quickly and with very little aggravation.

Dictate Express Employment, Pay and Hours

1. Independent Contractor (IC) status only.
2. Prompt semimonthly invoice payment through direct deposit.
3. Choose when you work.
4. Minimum production requirement of 45 minutes per day.
5. Supportive “team” environment and company culture.

Equipment and Skill Requirements to Work for Dictate Express:

1. High-speed internet connection.
2. Computer able to run Windows 7 or later.
3. Microsoft Word 2003 or later.
4. Wave player software and foot pedal.
5. Intermediate to advanced skills using the above software, internet, FTP, and email.
6. Ability to follow written instructions.
7. Impeccable work ethic.
8. A cheerful attitude!
9. Great communication skills.

You should know upfront that the application process is quite extensive and takes a bit of time. Before Dictate Express will add you to their team of freelancers they require you to take a series of four tests (Spelling, Comma Use, Confusing Words, and a 4-minute audio transcription test.) You won’t be paid for the time it takes to complete the testing process.

Since the tests are “open book” Dictate Express won’t accept less than a 90%. In addition to accurately transcribing the audio files, Dictate Express also grades your punctuation skills so pay attention to that as you type!

Dictate Express Does Ask for a Time Commitment

One of the things that are different about Dictate Express is that they do expect a commitment from their freelancers. Once they hire you, they expect you to be willing to devote a minimum of 45 minutes a day, every single day, to doing transcription work for them.

Personally, I like this feature and have no problem incorporating it into my average workday, but I have some friends that find the requirement restrictive.

Final Thoughts on Working for Dictate Express

If you have the time and energy to diversify your work at home income, Dictate Express is definitely an opportunity worth your consideration. You can check out their careers page here.

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  1. What about the author? Did the company pay you for your services?

  2. They charge their client too little and are robbing Peter to pay Paul. Don’t work for them!!! It will backfire and they will go out of business and owe you money and you will never get it because the owner, this Mark guy,
    will claim bankruptcy, which is what he has done before, and then open another company up under another name.

  3. @Cookie
    They haven’t given a reason for payment delays? Or is this typical of Dictate Express?

  4. Linda D'Amico says:

    PLEASE tell me what Dictate Express PAYS. Do they pay per audio minute? If so, how much? Or do they pay per page, per line? If so, how much? I need to know this. I’m thinking of working for them. Thanks.

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