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Voxtab Transcription

A Review of Voxtab

Voxtab is a transcription service that’s currently seeking freelancers for their team. They are a performance driven company that has gained a lot of popularity in recent months. One of the things that I like about Voxtab is that it has been set up so that you can basically choose to work for them either on a full time or a part-time basis. Even though I won’t work for any company on a full-time basis, I prefer to have multiple clients so that if something fails I still have some income coming in, I like that they have enough work available to justify a full-time commitment.

Another thing I really like about this company is that it doesn’t simply provide their contractors with a pile of folders and expect everything to be okay. Voxtab does an excellent job of making sure each contractor gets at least some files they will find challenging or enjoyable.

Deadlines are a Real Thing

When you choose Voxtab projects you need to pay careful attention to the deadlines. The company offers clients a variety of different deadlines, which can sometimes be confusing for the transcriptionists who sometimes think they have days rather than hours to complete a particular assignment. You don’t want to develop a reputation for missing deadlines so be realistic about how much time you have available to work on a project. Remember that if it’s a topic you’re unfamiliar with the transcription will take a little longer for you to complete. (See my post, Online Transcription Jobs That You Can Do From Home for even more transcription options that are home-based.)


The biggest problem with Voxtab is their technical support. The company has a habit of technical problems. For example, they’ve emailed applicants tests that have been designed to see if they were qualified to handle the work, but the links never worked. They’ve always been good about correcting the problems, but the fact that they don’t seem to be willing to fix the issue entirely is discouraging.

How To Apply

You will need to contact them to see if they are hiring – they don't have an “open application” page to apply. They are not always hiring, but it would be good to get in their potential list. You can reach out to them using the form here.

Have you worked for VoxTab or applied? If so – we'd love for you to share your experience below in the comments section. As well – feel free to ask questions too and we'll do our best to find answers together.

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  1. April Harbican says:

    How much do they pay?

  2. I worked for them three years ago, so I don’t remember why our relationship came to an end. They have recently contacted me about rejoining their team, so we’ll see how it goes!

  3. I could not find where to apply for a transcriber position. Do I need to send an email asking whether or they need any more team members?


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