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Accutran Global Review
Hiring! AccuTran Global offers freelance contract work for qualified transcriptionists. Also, they're occasionally looking for freelance proofreaders and editors too!”

What is AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global is a company that relies heavily on the services of freelance independent contractors who are trying to earn a living while working at home. They have a variety of positions available, which include;

• Copy editing
• Substantive Stylistic editing
• Proofreading

BUT — Most of the work AccuTran Global offers is transcription work. The work can range from anything like conference calls to press conferences to panel discussions. (See my post, Online Transcription Jobs That You Can Do From Home for more transcription companies and ideas.)

The company AccuTran Global has been around since 2002 and is based out of Canada. Although most of their transcription clients fall into finance, they do have both legal and medical clients too.

If you have better than average typing skills and can follow pre-recorded audio files, this company could be your answer to working from home.

Scheduling and Shifts for AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global offers some flexibility to their independent contractors. Transcriptionists must be willing to commit to at least 3 hours daily. You have the option of the following two work windows:

4:00am EST – 2:00pm EST
4:30pm EST – 7:30pm EST

So, if you're looking for part-time work that's on the somewhat flexible side, this will work in your favor.

What Countries Does AccuTran Global Hire In?

They currently hire across North America and in Canada as well. These are all 100% work at home jobs.

Qualifications or Experience Needed to Work for Accutran Global?

You will not be required to purchase anything in order to work for them. In order to complete the work Accutran Global requires, you will need some special software. The good news is that the company provides all the software, free, to everyone who gets accepted into their program (Mac users will need to purchase the Express Scribe software.)

You'll want your PC to be up-to-date. (Yes, they do allow Macs.) PC users will get the Express Scribe software at no charge, but Mac users will need to purchase it.

A foot pedal is always recommended for transcriptionists. It's simply a much easier way to complete transcription work. Headphones that are comfortable are something you'll want to add to your equipment line-up if you don't already own a pair.

Having access to high speed internet is essential to work for this transcription service.

AccTran Global is hiring transcriptionists. #workathome #hiring #transcriptionjobs

Does AccuTran Offer Paid Training?

The company does an excellent job of making sure that you receive the training needed to understand the software so you can start completing tasks and earning money as quickly as possible.

How Much Does AccuTran Pay It's Independent Contractors?

*The information below is current as of the date this post was written. Updates are made, but please refer to AccuTran Global's company page for the most current pay rate information.

As an independent contractor for AccuTran, it's important to keep in mind that this work will not create a full-time income.

AccuTran Global pay can start out quite low. For tapes that have been rated easy, you will be paid $0.005 per word. For difficult tapes, the startup pay is $0.0066 per word. The good news is that as long as you work hard, you can conceivably increase the amount you’re paid per word could increase.

As just an example, if you can transcribe an average of  60 words per minute – that means 30 cents per minute or $18.00 per hour.

Another thing that needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to working for AccuTran Global is that they only pay once a month, on the 15th, but they have never missed a payment. The options for payment are check or wire transfer to your bank account.

How to Apply with AccuTran and What to Expect

They typically post what they are currently in need of. You can simply go to their homepage here, and click the “Apply for Work” button.

The company has a very formal sign up process. It starts with a questionnaire that the company uses to determine your skills and whether you’re going to be a good fit for the company. In addition to the questionnaire, there will also be some testing materials you will need to fill out. And yes, there is a typing test. This is needed to assess both your speed and accuracy, which is standard and obviously important. The minimum typing speed needed is 60 words per minute.

If AccuTran Global thinks you’ll be a good fit, they’ll contact you! It didn’t take them very long to connect with me!

The company will not take phone calls from contractors, all communication with them will be electronic.

Where Else Can I Read About AccuTran

You can read more about working at AccuTran, by checking out the reviews on Glassdoor, where they score a 3.6 our of 5. There are also a few reddit threads about working at AccuTran.


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