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Bam Transcription
“BAM Transcription often hires freelance translators and transcribers. These are work at home positions too!”

BAM Transcription Offering Work at Home

Transcription companies have really turned into goldmine for individuals who are looking for ways to supplement their work at home income. The trick is finding legit, continuous transcription work. BAM is a service that connects transcribers with professionals that need help converting voice files to documents. However, BAM is not like your typical transcription company. Unlike many transcription websites that put freelancers to work on medical files, BAM is connected to the entertainment industry. They also accept clients that need legal files transcribed.

Good for Transcription Beginners

The great thing about BAM is that it’s an excellent place for individuals to turn to when they need to get transcription experience. They’re willing to take a chance on anyone as long as you can pass a basic skills test. Since they have a wide number of varied clients you won’t have any trouble finding work you’ll really enjoy. (You might want to look over my list of online transcription jobs for more ideas for working from home.)

A Word of Caution

When it comes to accepting projects, you need to pay very careful attention to the deadlines. Individual clients can determine their deadlines so it will vary from project to project. In some cases you’ll have several days to complete the project, and in other situations, you’ll be expected to submit the work in less than 24 hours. Read the instructions carefully and be realistic about your ability to complete the project on time.

BAM promises their clients precise transcriptions so you’re going to review your work very carefully before you submit it. Accuracy is important with any transcription work and the same is definitely true while working for BAM. Though they don't require a college degree like say, 3PlayMedia — they do expect stellar accuracy.

The Only Downside

Even though this is a legit work at home opportunity, I don’t like the fact that in order to learn more about working as a transcriber for BAM I had to send an email. I some ways, I guess this helps the company weed out people that are not seriously interested, but it would be nice if they provided information that was a little more accessible for interested transcriptionists.

The Bottom Line

Overall, BAM is a company that has been around for over twenty years, so it’s definitely not a scam. If you are searching for a good transcription job, this one might be worth sending off an email to request additional information. You can get to their contact form here.

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