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Modern Day Scribe

A Review of Modern Day Scribe

Modern Day Scribe is a legitimate service that pairs companies that need files transcribed with individuals who are willing to provide high-quality transcription work while working at home. Since its creation in 1994, the company has been very successful and shows every sign of being around for a very long time.


What those that work for Modern Day Scribe appreciate the most about this particular company is that they always have plenty of work available. So many companies only provide sporadic work, so the consistency is quite nice. In addition to transcribing audio files, the company also sometimes requires contractors to work with DVD’s. The transcribed files are often for scientists, business professionals, meeting planners, and researchers. The company is very good about communicating with their contractors and offers an excellent rate of pay.


If you’re considering applying to work for Modern Day Scribe you should know that the company has some pretty strict guidelines about whom they will hire. The biggest requirement is that they will only consider people who have experience doing transcription work. Personally, I recommend that you have at least one full year of transcription work under your belt before you apply to Modern Day Scribe.

Other requirements include:
• You must be able to use MS Word
• That you have regular hours when you will be available to do transcription work
• In addition to having a reliable computer and high speed internet, you will also need to Be familiar with common digital transcription systems such as Start-Stop Powerplay
• You must be capable of working with FTP software

I feel that Modern Day Scribe provides an excellent work at home opportunity to anyone who is willing to follow the company’s guidelines. Just keep in mind that Modern Day Scribe will only hire individuals who reside in the lower 48 states. If you are qualified, give them a try and see if you are a good fit for this work at home opportunity.

* There is no online application. My suggestion is to email and ask them if they are doing any hiring before you bombard them with resumes, calls etc.

Have you worked for Modern Day Scribe? Do you currently work for them? Please share your experience with us – it's very much appreciated.

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