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Transcriptionist Training Online (and Medical Billing Too!)

Transcriptionist Training Online

Getting the Transcriptionist Training You Need to Land a Job

I get that! You, along with many, many others have questioned, pondered and searched for information on working at home doing transcription or medical billing. But first things first — if you're not trained for either of these professions – it's probably not going to happen. I'm just being honest. You can't just learn to type fast overnight. And you don't inherently know billings and medical codes for doctor's offices, hospitals and insurance companies. These are all things that need to be taught to you.

Some people do pick up typing quickly. I was never really taught to type — but I can now from memory. It's not, however, the correct way to type. Yes, I can do it without looking — but never touch the space bar with my thumb, which I think is the proper way to do it. And I am sure I much slower than someone that actually knows the proper way to type. But transcription can sometimes involve shorthand too. I did take a shorthand class in high school — but goodness, I couldn't tell you a single thing that I remember from it.

Training = Better Jobs and Better Pay

I've been told this all my life. That education and training equate to higher pay, better jobs… more job opportunities. I believe this is true for the most part. And more so, for specialized jobs. After all… you can't really just “be a doctor” or “be a lawyer”. But let's get back to transcription and medical billing and coding — because it's what you're here to read about.

There are many online schools and colleges that offer courses and training in both of these fields. Community colleges included. I've heard good things and bad things about taking courses online — but the overall opinion and preference are to learn from home (and online).

Legit Transcriptionist Training (You Can Do From Home!)

So yep — we can learn transcription and medical billing and coding from home. And we know what most of us prefer to learn this way instead of actually schlepping to classes on campuses etc. But the hard part is finding course and certifications that are the real deal and not just smoke and mirrors. If I'm going to have to pay for training or education of any kind… you better believe it better be the real deal or I'm going to be absolutely livid.

There are two courses/companies I'm going to recommend for you to check out for training in transcription and medical billing. Let's start with transcription. First, let me say — that I have talked to BOTH personally that are offering classes and courses and I was very impressed with both.

If you're…

On the Fence About Transcription?:

I'm going to suggest Janet Shaughnessy FREE online mini course on transcription. Janet Shaughnessy is a 30+ year transcription veteran has been doing transcription full time from home. You can read my full interview with Janet here. She's very open and honest and I love that.

Ready to Jump in Transcription Training 100%:

If you're really ready to dig in and give your transcription career full on focus, I'm going to suggest Careerstep. Careerstep has a fabulous reputation and they offer payment plans and some discounts, laptops, ipads and free books. Their course is offered online and can be done from the comfort of your own home at your own pace. I wrote an article about one of their promotions a while back – but you can read it and get a good feel for all they offer. As well — Janet (that I mentioned above) offers a full course too.

Medical Billing and Coding – 100% Ready

More so than transcription — this is the field of work that so many want to go for when it comes to working at home. Good news — I post jobs for this type of work often. Again, I'm going to recommend Careerstep. So much so… that if I were to decide to finally go for medical billing and coding myself, this is my training of choice. They are friendly, helpful and really want you to succeed. Their training is top-notch. You can do it online and your own pace as well.

Final Thoughts

Investing time and money is scary. I feel like it is for almost anything. Especially…. if you're like me and money is not just free-flowing. Sometimes it seems impossible to get from point A to point B, no matter how much you need to get there. Maybe it's even critical that you get there — but finances, transportation, personal issues… whatever the case – just keep getting in the way. I think about when I was going to actually take Careerstep's EHR program. I inquired and found so much support and help. Not just that — they told me about how in my area of NC, there was scholarship money to be had that would actually pay for 80% of my tuition! I ended up staying at my current my job because I got a raise and the hours I wanted — but it's wonderful to know that I can get real answers and real help if I ever decide I do want to sign up and move my career in a different direction.

I hope this information helps you with your research if transcription or medical billing and coding are a career you're seriously entertaining and yet unsure where to start. And remember — I also have a page of recommended course and classes that might interest you. Some, I have even taken myself and completely stand by recommending them. You can see that list of courses and classes here.

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  2. HI. My husband and I are considering taking online course for Medical billing and coding. However I do have a concern, we are hard of hearing individuals, as a career in Medical billing and coding would that works for us? Will be phone calls involve as method of communication?

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